The Usages Of All Color Ready Mix Concrete

All color ready mix concrete is manufactured in the batching plant and has advanced mixtures that confirm that the concrete is of superior quality and it is mixed uniformly. Moreover, batching plants come with advanced computerized systems that comprise automatic weighing systems, conveyors, chillers, and heaters which help to make the manufacturing process faster and more accurate so that uniform and consistent concrete can be produced. The term “color ready mix concrete” denotes that the concrete contains coloring agents or pigments so that a specific color (rather than gray or regular color concrete) can be achieved.

Why should coloring agents be added to ready mix concrete? 

During the mixing procedure, coloring agents need to be added to create a variety of colors that will help to make the construction and landscaping project more decorative and aesthetically pleasing. Whereas the mix design of the concrete is engineered to meet the requirements of strength, durability, workability & other properties. And this kind of design is determined depending on the intended use of the concrete like for columns, slabs, foundations, and other structural elements.

You can notice the use of all color ready mix concrete in such projects where aesthetics play a vital role like in architectural elements, decorative concrete surfaces, patios, driveways, pathways, and so on.

On which factors does the final color that will be achieved in the concrete depend?

Remember, the final color that will be achieved in the concrete depends on several factors such as

  • The type and amount of used coloring agents
  • The cement as well as aggregate composition

However, the availability of color options depends on the concrete suppliers or manufacturers. Contractors and construction professionals can request any specific color or they can consult with the concrete suppliers or manufacturers to get color charts so that they can choose their required color. You can discuss with the concrete suppliers or manufacturers to understand the potential variation in color outcomes.

Kinds of color that can be added with a ready mix concrete

In terms of achieving various visual effects and aesthetics, a huge variety of colors can be added to the ready mix concrete.

Earth tones

If you want to create natural and rustic looks in outdoor settings such as driveways and pathways, these tones can be used which include shades of tan, beige, terracotta, and brown.


These shades can be used for creating decorative features as well as water-themed designs.


The green shades are used for creating such concrete surfaces that can get blended easily with natural surroundings.

Yellows and Golds

To add a cheerful touch to the concrete surfaces, these shades can be used.

Red and Oranges

To replicate the appearance of traditional brickwork, burnt oranges, and vibrant reds can be used.

Custom colors

A few concrete manufacturers offer the option of creating custom colors by blending several pigments.

End note

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