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You Should Try The Best Quality Khakhra Online

Khakhra is a well-known food of Gujarat that is flaky, crispy, crunchy, and flavorful even though it isn’t deep fried. Khakhras are thinly rolled discs and they are prepared from chickpea flour, whole wheat flour, chilli powder, some herbal blends, and salt. The trick to making khakhras is laying out the thinnest possible rotis. For this purpose, they use a khakhra presser before frying the khakhras over low heat. And this thing is continued till the rotis become crispy.

You can buy khakhra online as it is a superb low-calorie diet snack that you can take even if you are calorie conscious and want to shed weight. The chief thing is khakhras are vegan, soy-free, and nut-free.

Several Kinds of Khakhras

You can buy different types of khakhras:

  • Khakhra Full Plain: Khakhra full plain is a crunchy snack that is prepared with only premium-quality ingredients as well as homemade deliciousness. You can savor these khakhras anytime with curd, jam, pickles, butter, chaat masala, chutneys, or various condiments.
  • Khakhra Full Pani Puri: Khakhras full pani puri are crunchy whole wheat crips that have the flavors of different Indian spices. These khakhras are prepared from only pure and genuine ingredients. You can eat these khakhras with chutney, dips, pickles, etc. to satisfy your cravings for snacks.
  • Khakhra Full Masala: Khakhra full masala is considered a hugely popular traditional recipe of Gujarat. These khakhras look similar to thin parathas or papads though the former is more crispy and crusty. You can consume these khakhras with tea. The shelf life of a khakhra full masala is very long; hence, you can pack these khakhras when you travel.
  • Khakhra Bhakri: These Khakhras are the thicker variety of the traditional khakhras of Gujarat. You can eat these khakhras with tea and coffee, and at times, you can eat them as your ideal mid-day snack too.
  • Rajkot Plain Khakhra: Rajkot plain khakhras are procured from Rajkot and they taste awesome. The chief thing is these khakhras are devoid of artificial flavours, preservatives, or colors. And you can readily consume these khakhras. However, you must keep these khakhras in a dry and cool place and they shouldn’t remain exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Rajkot Masala Khakhra: These khakhras are prepared from natural spices and whole wheat flour, and you can enjoy them as your evening or morning snack with tea. You must store these khakhras in a dry and cool place.
  • Rajkot Pani Puri Khakhra: You won’t resist the taste of Rajkot panipuri khakhras due to the ingredients used for preparing them. The taste of these khakhras is different from other kinds of khakhras which is why they are hugely demanded. And the chief ingredient used for preparing Rajkot panipuri khakhras is whole wheat flour.

Khakhras are one of the most loved and prevalent snacks and people love to have them anytime with various accompaniments, such as tea, coffee, chutney, jam, etc. The good news is that you can now order the best quality Rajkot Plain and Rajkot Panipuri Khankra online on These are the most popular Khankra available in India. Just place your order and get them delivered right to your address in the best condition.

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