If in Sydney, Platinum Tiling for the best Tiling Services

Platinum Tiling pride ourselves in providing the best-in-quality workmanship by upholding our competitive edge in the market. We have our own in-house Sydney tiling specialists.

At Platinum Tiling, Tiling is a passion rather than a career

As an all-time member of the Housing Industry Association or the HIA, we guarantee our clients with quality of our wall and floor tiling services, by adhering to the HIA’s code of ethics, principles, as well as industry standards.

Quality Tiling Services in Sydney

If you intend to seek tiling services for your household or commercial property in Sydney, you can subscribe to the Platinum Tiling services. We can take on multiple renovation projects, big or small. With our tiling services, you can do the following:

  • Tiling your floors and walls
  • Waterproof your shower bathroom

We don’t just install tiles. 

  • Restore your household interior areas
  • Restore your household’s outer areas to pristine condition

Types of Tiling Services at Platinum Tiling, Sydney

At Platinum Tiling, you can subscribe to any or all of the below-mentioned Tiling services:

Interior & Exterior Tiling

For indoor and outdoor tiling, our Tiling Specialist can help you choose which tile functions best as an aesthetic option to suit your needs. At Platinum Tiling, you will get the best services, which promises the following:

  • Durability
  • Slip-resistance
  • Thermal resistance, attracting everyone in the room

Residential Tiling

You can avail of all and any type of residential tiling services at Platinum Tiling, for every home core structure, such as the following:

  • One-Story Homes
  • Two-Story Homes
  • Duplexes
  • Granny Flats
  • Terraces

We at Platinum cater to your special tiling request and work on its schedule. Our experienced team delivers on time no matter what.

Commercial Tiling

Choosing the right tiles for your commercial property is a must. To renovate your shopfront or an office building, Platinum Tiling can help you. Our specialists help you in the following:

  • Selecting the competent Tiles
  • Installing the chosen Tiles
  • Giving final touches
  • Ensuring that our tiling services are in compliance with the following:
  • Tiling Industry standards
  • HIA Code of Ethics & Principles

Bathroom Tiling

Essential-quality Tiles give a high-quality and premium bathroom look. Platinum Tiling takes its attention to detail feature to another level when working on its bathroom tiling projects. We have perfected our installation techniques to deliver the highest quality bathroom tiles, crafted to suit design preferences.

Kitchen Tiling

Your Kitchen Tiles can draw a line and the line is to make your kitchen look either cluttered or elegant. For an elegant look, Platinum Tiling can offer a wide range of household & kitchen tiling services to you. We provide you with the design options to get the best quality tiles for your kitchen.

Rock Wall Cladding

Professional Tilers at Platinum Tiling in Sydney provide rock wall cladding services. Such tilings give a more accentual and texture look to your walls while making the room more spacious.

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