Commercial Tiling: Get Your Project Done With The Best Tiler of the City

Commercial tiling and residential tiling have some differences. Commercial works in this domain need more strength and perfectness. Moreover, tilers try to use different materials for tiling commercial spaces. You can also find many differences in design and aesthetics in tiling works in commercial spaces. This means, getting your commercial project done with the best tiler in the city having extensive exposure to commercial tiling will definitely make a difference in the project.

Some commercial spaces need professional tiling work include the following

  • Office buildings: Tiling is useful in different spaces in an office like hallways, store rooms, bathrooms, and other common spaces.
  • Hotels: Commercial tiling is highly prevalent in lobbies, corridors, dining spaces, swimming pool areas, bathrooms, and many other spaces in a hotel.
  • Retail stores: Retail stores look gorgeous and stylish with the correct use of tiling materials. Whether small or large, walls, floors, and even ceilings of retail stores are tiled for easiness of maintaining the spaces. We often see attractive retail spaces with different tiling works in supermarkets and shopping malls.
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities: The use of tiles is quite common in hospitals and other healthcare facilities like diagnostic centers, pathological labs, doctors’ offices, and chemists.
  • Restaurants and cafes: The kitchen and dining spaces of restaurants and cafes are decorated with tiles. You could also see the use of tiling works in common spaces and bathrooms.

The purpose of commercial tiling is both aesthetic and functional. Tiling works are preferred for dozens of reasons such as easiness in washing and cleaning, durability, and aesthetics. Commercial tiling needs skilled professionals which is why you should consult the best one in this domain like Platinum Tiling.

Key aspects of commercial tiling


Commercial projects need more durable tiling materials to withstand heavy traffic and high impact. Commercial spaces also need frequent cleaning and washing. In most cases, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stones are used for intense commercial applications.

Scale and scope

Commercial tiling is typically much bigger projects than residential tiling projects. Office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, cafes, hotels, etc. require extensive tiling works that include kitchens, common areas, corridors, bathrooms, rooms, and several other spaces. Such an extensive scale of tiling project needs expert attention right from designing and choice of materials to installation and finishing.

Durability and maintenance

Commercial spaces are generally high-traffic zones where hundreds of footfalls happen every hour. Think of a busy hospital where footfalls are endless day and night or observe a supermarket after evening or where footfalls are in thousands every day. Naturally, the durability and maintenance of these spaces need extra attention. The professional experience of Platinum Tiling becomes useful in these kinds of projects.

Installation requirements

Installation techniques in commercial tiling projects are also to some extent different. Larger areas, uneven layouts, durability concerns, etc. make the projects different from residential projects. Most importantly, commercial works in this domain strictly need to adhere to certain rules and regulations.

Platinum Tiling offers solutions to a wide range of tiling needs of diverse industries. They have expert teams of engineers and technicians to undertake any scale of commercial tiling projects.

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