Corporate interior Designers in Delhi

Who is a Corporate Interior Designer?

A corporate interior designer is a professional who is engaged in designing offices, workspaces, boardrooms, and other areas that fall within the premises of corporations. These professionals are interior designers who hold specialization in designing commercial interiors for corporate clients to help them create a tasteful as well as professional environment within the workplace. Corporate interior designing projects usually involve revamp of existing rental office space or taking up the interior works right from scratch. Corporate interior Designers in Delhi are highly skilled and experienced in turning completely empty warehouses or offices into full-fledged functional finished workplaces.

Their job is not restricted to adding furnishings, fabrics, cabinets, and carpets, in fact, their skills are used in planning how space can be used to its optimum along with factoring in the functionality of each section. Corporate interior designers have a knack for knowing how best they can create a functioning as well as a highly productive environment within a corporate office. They have an in-depth understanding of the building codes, working with contractors to build interiors in tandem with clients’ desires and expectations.

Major Elements of Commercial Interior Designs

By elements, it indicates the look and feel of a place. As soon as a person enters a workplace, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall, or other commercial or public area, the impression of that place is within the way it is designed. It involves how a certain space must have been planned, keeping in mind a few elements which are outlined below:

  • Space: As the first and the most critical element while designing a place is the space. Space is considered the foundation around which the entire design is planned. The commercial interior designer must be aware of space aesthetics which include dimensions, length, width, and height. Their job is to keep the space balanced to avoid overcrowding.
  • Lines: This is indicative of horizontal vertical and dynamic lines. Horizontal lines are indicative of office furniture, whereas vertical lines include windows and doorways. Apart from this, dynamic lines are the lines that add dimension to space such as stairs.
  • Forms: Forms are of two types namely geometric or man-made and organic or natural. These forms work on expanding space and bringing a specific taste ambiance to the office.
  • Light settings: Corporate interiors pay special attention to lights which sets the mood and the ambiance of a space. They have to create a scope for natural light to come in, limiting artificial lighting. Artificial lighting is further divided into accent lighting, task lighting, and mood lighting.
  • Color theme: Another integral aspect of commercial interior designing is the color theme. Their selection of colors is mostly done basis the business theme. These colors are selected basis hue, value, and intensity.
  • Texture: Texture is important while designing a space since it adds to the depth and interest of the space. It promotes mood and affects employees’ comfort levels.

Benefits of Hiring Corporate Interior Designers for Office Space

Some of the major benefits associated with hiring Corporate interior Designers in Delhi are enlisted below:

  • Design considerations: By outsourcing the job of designing your corporate space to a commercial office interior design specialist, businesses attract new eyes without any preconceptions. The energy and aura of the working space are refreshed and designed to outdo the older conceptions and opinions. They bring in new energy within the team members and strengthen the brand.
  • Right place, right mood: By availing services from a professional corporate interior designer, the premises are refreshed which contributes to worker well-being, brand color scheme reinforcement, controlled ambient noise, and presence of natural light.
  • Flexible spaces: Corporate interiors in Delhi create spaces as per updated and much more functional designs. The office space is equipped with wireless internet, portable devices, video conferencing, and cloud-based collaboration which sets the employees free from being at desks all day.
  • Better workspace planning: Hiring interior designers for your space lead to enhanced space functionality, along with offering increased privacy, quiet zones, comfortable seating, etc. All these comforts are incorporated into design schemes to offer greater flexibility to the space.

What is the process of Corporate Interior Design?

Corporate interior Designer undertakes different processes which are detailed below:

  • Programming Phase: This phase involves discussion of the work scope, conducting market research, and submitting the contract for approval.
  • Presentation phase: This phase involves presenting the scheme and design to the corporate client which includes space planning, furniture selection, selection of finish materials, discussing changes, and providing solutions.
  • Design development phase: This stage as the name indicates involves create the final design and sent for principal design review, holding design progress meetings, or client and job site meetings.
  • Schematic Design Phase: This phase involves introducing the design team, discussing preliminary design, planning the space, and deciding on color schemes.
  • Construction documents: This phase involves the Spexx Design Program, submission of construction documents, detailing elevations, electrical wiring plans, etc.
  • Installation process: This is the last phase that involves the delivery of FF&E, installation of design, final walkthrough of design with the client, and presentation of the complete interior design process.

How do I find Corporate interior Designers in Delhi?

Before you start searching for a corporate interior design, sort out what you want and don’t want in an interior designing service. Narrowing the options will help you find the most suitable and befitting corporate interior designer for your corporate office.

  • The first step is to search for interior design on social media such as Instagram and Pinterest. These platforms have their online portfolios from all over the globe.
  • Search online for interior designers around your area to get a list of probable options.

Question to ask while hiring Corporate Interior Designers in Delhi

Before you finalize a corporate interior designer for your firm’s interior revamp, ask them the following questions:

  • Ask them to describe their design style which can be contemporary, traditional, eclectic, or serene.
  • Ask them to explain their design services: This will help you find an exact match with your own needs and expectations.
  • How much will they cost and if that is within your budget? Missing out on this question can burn a hole in your pocket.
  • Who will undertake and accomplish your project? On what basis the project team is selected? Definitely, you would want the best resources to handle your project.
  • What if the final design is not to your liking? This will help you to get an idea of the firm being open to rework or reconsiderations.

You can also ask the firm to share a list of clients they have worked with in the past and can review their success stories (if any). These testimonials are important to know the opinion of their past clients.

Why choose Geodesign for Corporate Interior Design in Delhi?

Geodesign is one of the leading and experienced interior designing companies that can cater to both residential as well as corporate projects. We have a specialized team that is efficient in managing interior design projects of varying types such as for residential houses, office spaces, commercial spaces, etc. Our team is highly professional and works within the requirements and budget of the client. We have a track record of accomplishing many commercial design projects for our clients based across the country. To know more about our services, visit

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Although there is no fixed amount to any particular project as an estimate, it costs INR 2,500 per sq. ft to INR 3500 per SFT on average. All these costs are inclusive of carpentry, civil work, furniture, electrical, lighting, networking, fire fighting, etc. The service cost of corporate designer fees may be charged over the above-stated costs.

The spectrum of work for an interior designer is restricted to styling personal spaces whereas, for a corporate interior designer, the work span expands to styling commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, malls, etc.

While designing Commercial Spaces, it is important to keep the design engaging, making the space functional as well as engaging, spacing out the layout to use the area to its optimum, focusing on the business theme, and keeping the environment eco-friendly.

Hiring a corporate interior designer can add a lot of value to your business. Having a good design definitely works in increasing the worth of your firm, increasing turnover, and enhancing the financial status of your organization. It further helps the firm to set the right impression and boosts the morale and productivity of employees.

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