Everything About Developmental Editing Services: the Secret Weapon of Bestselling Authors

Billions of content are uploaded on the internet every day. You might come across a few dozen of such content in different forms and formats according your choice and interest. How many of these contents do you actually read from start to the end? Maybe one or two? What makes these stories, eBooks, or blogs different? The secret lies in a writer’s ability to engage a reader. To make content literally excellent, you need expert developmental editing services.

Make an engaging story with expert support

Imagine you have poured your heart and soul into creating a story. You have crafted a world, dreamed up unforgettable characters, and diligently penned “The End.” Finally, when the work is done and you reread your manuscript. As a reader your feedback is the plot feels clunky, the characters lack depth, and there is a sense of something missing in the climax. This is where developmental editing services come in, acting as the invisible bridge between an auspicious draft and an enthralling narrative.

This article focuses on everything about these services including their significance, the comparison between developmental & copy editors, and how to find the best editor who aligns with your creative vision.

A brief introduction to Developmental editors 

Developmental editors are professionals in the field of publishing who offer guidance and feedback to authors during the early stages of the writing process. That is to say, their primary role is to help authors develop and refine their manuscripts, focusing on various elements of the drafts such as plot, character development, pacing, and overall structure.

Difference between developmental editing services and copy editing service

Although, the ultimate objective of the developmental and copy editor is similar; that is to improve the quality of the content. Still, there are several differences exist. Now take a look at how copy editing services different from developmental editing.

FeatureDevelopmental EditingCopy Editing
FocusVarious elements of the manuscripts (Viz. plot, character development, style, emotion) Only Grammar, punctuation, and style
Stage in Writing ProcessEarly stages (pre- or first draft)After developmental editing
What They EditPlot, structure, character development, voice, themeGrammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, word choice, sentence construction
ObjectiveStrengthen the creativity of the authors. That is to say, editors provide Feedback reports with suggestions for improvementEnsure writing is polished, error-free, and ready to publish
Required Skills setCritical thinking, analytical skills, strong editorial judgment, excellent communication (written and verbal), and genre expertise (desirable).Attention to detail, excellent grammar and punctuation skills, knowledge of style guides, ability to meet deadlines

Understanding before and after: The Developmental Editor’s Touch

Now, here is an example of how developmental editing services can make a manuscript more engaging and creative.

Example of Unedited Manuscript

Tylor walked into the forest, the trees seemed tall and dark. It was spooky, but she had to find the hidden waterfall her grandma talked about.

Role of Developmental Editor

Here is how the thought process of an editor works-

  • Plot: The forest description is generic. Can we add details to create a specific atmosphere? Describing the atmosphere helps the reader relate to the situation.
  • Character Motivation: Why does Tylor need to find the waterfall? Is there a sense of urgency?

Factors to choose the best Developmental Editor

If you are looking to seek help from developmental editing services, as an author you should consider several factors:

  • Experience and expertise of the editors.
  • Ask for the previous work of the editors.
  • Ensure, your selected editor understands your vision and effectively communicates for feedback and suggestions.

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