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Frankie LaPenna: Wiki, Biography, Education, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth, Some Unknown And Interesting Facts

Frankie LaPenna is a skilled videographer and social media public persona from the United States. He became popular after videos of him having crazy adventures while attending Zoom meetings hit the internet. Since then, he has acquired millions of YouTube and TikTok followers who adore him for his inventive and humourous thoughts.

Frankie LaPenna – TikTok Star & Social Media Influencer 

Frankie LaPenna is a popular American Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, and online content creator, prankster, stuntman, businessman, internet famous person, and media figure. He is also a comedian, actor, and influencer on social media. With his innovative youtube clip ideas and content for social media, this film director turned stuntman and comedian has taken the internet by storm. LaPenna has created a persona with a thick mustache, large glutes, a short stature, and a pretty funny personality. This persona of his pulls pranks, staged acts, stunts, and challenges that draw viewers to his social media accounts and leave them wanting more. To date, his YouTube videos have received over 1.6 billion views and nearly two million subscribers. Many people refer to him as “the green screen guy,” “the mustache guy,” or “the Dumptruck guy” because of his extreme stunts and skits.

Frankie LaPenna – Short Facts

Name Frankie LaPenna
Birth Date21 September 1997
Age26 Years Old
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight(132 Ibs) 68 kg
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourLight Brown
ProfessionYou Tuber, Tik Toker
Marital StatusIn a Relation
GirlfriendKayla Lerwick
PartnerKayla Lerwick
ResidenceRockford, Michigan, USA
Birth PlaceGrand Rapids, Michigan
ProfessionAmerican Social Media Personality and Professional Videographer
EducationGrand Valley State University
Zodiac SignVirgo
Net Worth$ 4 million
Home TownMichigan
Current AddressGrand Rapids Michigan
Tik Tok3.3 Million
Youtube3.58 Million
Instagram1.1 Million
BrotherJoey (dead
HobbiesPranks Skateboarding Acting Filmmaking

Frankie LaPenna – Early Life And Education 

Frankie LaPenna was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 21, 1997. He was brought up in an artistic and musical family, which greatly helped him in developing his creativity from a young age. Frankie studied movie making at Montclair State University and graduated in 2018.

Frankie started freelance employment as a videographer and editor after graduating from college, making videos for a variety of clients. He also began creating his own social media content, which speedily grew in popularity among viewers.

Frankie is known for his different graphic style and unique approach to storytelling, which has achieved him a fairly large social media following. He has collaborated with a number of brands and businesses, including Adidas, GoPro, and Red Bull.

Frankie LaPenna – Career

Frankie LaPenna became popular thanks to his own YouTube channel and TikTok account.

In December 2020, he began posting content on his TikTok account, and he is now the director of photography for the firm Launch Kit. On June 21, 2011, he initiated his YouTube channel.

His most watched video on YouTube, “Undercover automobile zoom call with green screen,” has gained over 63 million views.

His comedic performances and films are his most well-known works. Frankie started uploading videos of green screen meetings with Zoom to his TikTok account, and as more users saw them, his popularity increased.

He has a great deal of experience working as an independent film and video specialist.

Career – (2017 – 2023) 

He started working as a video editor for Vehicle Virgins creator Parker Nirenstein in the greater Los Angeles region on October 5, 2017. He started working on video editing almost eight months.

In order to work full-time as a director of photography and editor for Parker Nirenstein’s YouTube content, he relocated to Calabasas, California, in June 2018.

Frankie realized the inner workings of a significant YouTube influencer during this time. He edited almost 150 videos for Vehicle Virgins in total.

In April 2019, he relocated to The LaPenna Group in the Greater Grand Rapids, Michigan Area, where he was responsible for using Photoshop to arrange, recover, and preserve vintage photographs, records, and letters from the 1940s.

He went to Wisconsin while he was employed here to film an interview with WWII veteran Art Kasperski.

He moved in June 2019 to Glens Falls, New York’s Point O’Pines Camp for Girls, where he started working as a video instructor for girls between the ages of 11 and 15.

Here, he regularly recorded and edited videos that he later put together into an hour-long overview of the summer camp experience.

Frankie became familiar with the organizational layout of a sizable media company while organizing and archiving hundreds of files across several machines.

He currently works as Launch Kit’s director of photography in Rockford, Michigan, in the United States.

Every sports fan wishes they were at the game rather than in a dull meeting when they are forced to attend yet another one. That dream became a reality thanks to LaPenna’s collaboration with the National Football League’s Ravens.

It was shared and interacted with the first time it went live on the @Ravens social media pages and on the NFL league and Frankie’s accounts.

The internet immediately went crazy. It was undoubtedly a gold mine for the sports media, as evidenced by the wide networks it received on outlets like Bleacher Report, SportsCenter, NFLonFOX, and others.

Later, the actual results started to trickle in. For the entertainment they offer, millions of people follow meme accounts like Nugget and Memezar.

Sports leagues produce much less content, and more accounts don’t typically share sports content. The volume blew up. 

Frankie Lapenna – Age, Height, Weight, And Body Appearance

Age26 Years Old
Height5 Feet 7 Inches
Weight(132 Ibs) 68 kg
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourLight Brown

Frankie LaPenna is a stunning young man with an energetic personality. His thick mustache is a signature look of his appearance.

On September 21, 1997, Frankie LaPenna was born. The age of Frankie LaPenna is thus 26. Frankie LaPenna’s career has brought in a relatively decent sum of money. Frankie LaPenna has a height of 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) and a weight of 132 lbs (68 kg). This article contains all the information you need to know about Frankie LaPenna, so read it completely to know more.

Frankie LaPenna – Personal Life

The couple, Kayla Lewicki and Frankie Lapenna are married. She is a filmmaker and producer from Belmont, Michigan, according to her LinkedIn profile. She is employed by the video production company Ozone Films.

She is also an expert in customer support with strong communication and writing abilities. She has experience working as a teacher assistant at Weefolk Childcare Center and as a senior sales executive at Michelle Crumback Jewelry.

Lewicki graduated from Rockford High School in 2016 and worked from June 2009 to December 2015 as a volunteer at the International Food Pantry and Nursing Home Volunteer.

Kayla got the Calvin College Young Author’s Festival Winner award in August 2009.

They both show up on Frankie’s social media pages, but not much is known about their romantic relationships.

Frankie LaPenna – Nationality 

According to our latest study, Frankie LaPenna is of American nationality. If a person excels in their profession, their national identity can be a source of joy for their country. When a person achieves celebrity, their nationality may become connected with their name and achievements. As a result, many individuals want to know about the ethnic backgrounds of their favorite celebrities or stars.

Frankie Lapenna – Net Worth And Salary 

Frankie LaPenna is a content creator, TikTok and Social media personality, and photographers director. He is also known as “the green screen guy” for publishing funny content and comedy sketches. He received over 100 million views in two months by posting videos of himself doing various activities such as fishing, skydiving, and shopping at the supermarket while in Zoom meetings.

On TikTok, he has 108 million fans in addition to over 3.2 million followers. With his imaginative ideas and excellent content, La Penna has influenced huge numbers of people. LaPenna first gained fame for making viral videos about wild adventures while participating in a virtual meeting. He later gained attention for being the green screen guy, the mustache guy, and the Jim Kardashian guy. On his Instagram, he typically posts photos of himself modeling funny clothes.

Frankie Lapenna –  Income Sources 

The majority of Frank LaPenna’s income comes from his social media accounts and the project he is working on for the company Launch Kit. Although we don’t know how much he makes from video direction, we can approximate it based on his social media accounts.


LePenna, excluding brand collaborations, makes an estimated $3k or more for each post he shares on TikTok.


Without brand-sponsored collaborations, he could earn up to $4k per video on YouTube. 


LaPennaFrankie charges up to $3k for an Insta brand-sponsored collaboration post. 

Frankie Lapenna – Expenditure 

Frankie Lapenna appears to keep his private life a secret as little is known about his spending. As an expert in filmmaking and photography, we can assume Lapenna’s main expenditures consist of buying equipment for his career, such as cameras, lights, stands, studio equipment, editing software, editing interface, logistical investments, and several other things.

Frankie LaPenna – Awards and Achievements 

  • He gathered a large fan base on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • He created original and interactive video content that has been showcased on MTV, ABC News, and Forbes.
  • Frankie teamed up to produce engaging video content with a number of brands and businesses, including Adidas, GoPro, and Red Bull.
  • Frankie used his platform to spread awareness of social issues like mental health and environmental protection.
  • He was a cinematographer and editor for several films and TV shows.
  • He encouraged others to follow their passions and accomplish their goals by using his creativity.
  • Frankie LaPenna may not have won any particular prizes or distinctions, but his influence as a professional videographer and social platforms personality is clear from his popularity and power on these platforms.

Frankie LaPenna – Quick Facts 

  • He was born and raised in the Michigan city of Grand Rapids.
  • Frankie rose to prominence as the Green Screen Guy after videos of him participating in virtual meetings while on wild adventures went viral.
  • In 2018, Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson shared a neighborhood with Frankie.
  • He has Virgo as his sun sign.
  • He supervises the photography for LAUNCH KIT.
  • He holds an applied science bachelor’s degree.
  • He enjoys working out and skydiving. Grand Valley State University granted him a degree in Film and Video.
  • According to his LinkedIn profile, LaPenna teamed up as a director of photography at Launch Kit and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 firms.
  • Frankie LaPenna began posting TikTok content in December 2020, and as of March 2023, he had over 3.2 million followers.

Frankie Lapenna – Interesting Facts 

  • He has a massive audience, and you can see how he credits them for his success through web-based media by constantly posting new content for them to enjoy.
  • It takes a significant amount of time to build deep relationships with audiences, but his pleasant personality made it happen quickly.
  • People enjoy watching his videos and tinkering with them by preferring, commenting on, and sharing his videos.
  • He is a true inspiration to everyone who looks up to him.
  • He has figured out how to channel his enthusiasm into a good career that he also enjoys.
  • His content differs from that of the other Influencers, allowing him to stand out from the crowd.
  • He is a fitness nut.
  • He is a huge fan of skydiving.
  • He goes fishing on a regular basis.
  • He keeps posting amazing photos on Instagram.
  • He is well-known for his stylish look.
  • On the online content process, he has been reporting on his countless outside trips and vacation destinations.
  • Frankie LaPenna quickly rose to popularity on TikTok and YouTube thanks to his entertaining and adventurous content. He could very well succeed the male Kardashians as social media influencers!

Frankie Lapenna – Instagram 

The TikTok star has a moderately active Instagram following under the name “frankielap.” He has a fairly large fan base of 1 million followers on the photo and video-sharing app.

As of April 7, 2023, he had 509 posts after registering for the app in March 2012. He shared a funny video of himself pretending to be Jim Kardashian while strapped to the back of a truck in his most recent post, which was published on April 1.

Frankie Lapenna – Social Media Accounts 

@frankielapenna is his TikTok username.

Over 3.3 million people follow his TikTok account.

@frankielap is the username of his Instagram account.

Frankie has 1.1M followers on Instagram

Frankie Lapenna is the name of his YouTube channel.

Over 3.58M people have subscribed to his YouTube channel.

Frankie Lapenna – FAQs 

Loader image

Frankie LaPenna is a social media personality, TikTok and YouTube star, and photo editing director.

American resident Frankie LaPenna resides in Rockford, Michigan.

Frankie, who was born on September 21st, 1997, is now 24 years old.

Although Frankie LaPenna is real, his overdramatized behind is fake, leading some to refer to him as Jim Kardashian. In several viral videos, Frankie LaPenna can be seen exercising while sporting a fake behind, including running, squatting, lifting weights, and MMA combat.

In the latter half of 2020, Frankie became known as the “green screen guy” after his recordings went viral. He would use the green screen to conduct business Zoom calls while participating in crazy excursions across the nation, such as hiking, biking, going grocery shopping, or watching an NFL game.

Yes. He grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in the United States. LaPenna graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video.

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