Cambodian Hair Extensions

How To Maintain Cambodian Hair Extensions?

The source of Raw Cambodian hair is Cambodia. This hair comes in a silky and heavy texture. Those with naturally heavy textured hair can use heavily textured Cambodian hair, whereas silky hair is for those with naturally smooth textured hair. Due to the texture, Cambodian hair extensions are one of the best choices to put on and maintain. Proper care, as well as maintenance, prevents Cambodian hair from tangling.

One of the most preferred hair extensions

Natural Cambodian hair extensions are collected from native Cambodian women. These hairs are not chemically washed or treated. Top hair extension sellers such as Elleloise Hair contain natural Cambodian hair extensions from trusted suppliers.

  • Cambodian hair has a natural color which is a light shade of black.
  • Special care is taken to preserve the hair cuticles.
  • In the category of curly hair, Cambodian hair has no competition.
  • This hair quality is good for coloring and bleaching.

How to Moisturize Your Hair Extensions?

This type of hair has minimal shedding. However, these kinds of extensions need plenty of moisture because of the texture. Therefore, you need to maintain these Cambodian hair extensions properly. It is essential to activate the curls with a water/conditioner mix every day. Using a moisturizing conditioner, you need to condition these extensions often.

  • Use a deep moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at first. Then, apply the leave-in conditioner on the hair to make this air dry. Whether you are in a rush, blot dry Cambodian hair extensions with a soft towel.
  • Once you make the extension dry, style your hair & wear it out during the day. Are you willing to keep your virgin hair’s natural wave pattern? If yes, then braid hair in one or two braids while going to sleep. Ensure that you use a quality satin scarf to tie your hair.

How to Prevent Tangling?

Although Cambodian hair extensions consist of 100% human hair, these can tangle. It may appear due to the friction of your natural hair. Sleeping, swimming, or taking a shower with your extensions is never advised. Otherwise, your hair will get mixed together and create knots.

Regular brushing the hair extensions is the most effective way to keep them tangle-free. You should carry a paddle brush to make a quick run-through even outside.

How to Reduce Shedding?

Washing your Cambodian hair extensions too much will dry out the hair, causing them to shed. Using more products needs more washes for extensions. Therefore, you must use a minimal amount of products for your hairstyle to reduce shedding.

End note

Cambodian hair features soft waves and a smooth and silky texture. You can use the hair extensions in different ways to style. Cambodian hair gives a touch of Hollywood glamour to your overall look. Elleloise Hair offers the purest human Cambodian hair extensions that can be used to achieve volume & length, and luster. This company ensures you will get maximum fullness, bouncy, and flawless blend attributes using these extensions.

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