IRCTC Agent Kaise Bane

IRCTC is the abbreviation for Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation. IRCTC is the Indian Railways subsidiary that deals with catering, online ticketing, and tourism operations. IRCTC proposes licenses via some principal agents that they call Principal Service Providers (PSPs) or authorized distributors in place of individuals. So, when you wish to acquire the IRCTC agency license, you need to get in touch with a sanctioned IRCTC principal. Many people want to know IRCTC agent kaise bane.

It’s not a tough job. You only need to fulfill certain criteria. Let’s know more about it.

The evolution of IRCTC

Since its inception in 2002, IRCTC has covered a long distance. When it began, it started with only twenty-nine tickets but today, more than 15 lakh tickets get booked regularly. In FY 2020, IRCTC earned revenue of Rs.2353.53 Crore as against Rs.1958.93 crore in FY 2019.

So, it witnessed a yearly expansion in the overall sales of tickets. Currently, the IRCTC system books close to 15000 tickets in only one minute. Again, it is capable of handling up to three lakh concurrent users. This is the reason it has turned into the frontrunner of online bookings via its all-inclusive site. All these figures indicate that the ticket booking system of IRCTC is found with a superb earning potential.

You can be a part of this marvelous activity of IRCTC. Do you want to know IRCTC agent kaise bane? Let’s understand in more detail.

Documents needed for being an IRCTC agent

IRCTC agents can help people with e-ticketing. When you wish to turn into an IRCTC agent, you need to have the documents, such as

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card,
  • Photo
  • Valid Email ID
  • Mobile Number

On contacting SiOnline, you will get detailed information on how to become an IRCTC-authorized agent. Apart from the above-mentioned documents that you need to submit with the application, you need a basic setup with a space, a computer set with a printer, and an internet connection.

Benefits of becoming an IRCTC agent

Lots of people want to turn into IRCTC agents because they can derive several benefits:

  • IRCTC agents can book all kinds of train tickets – A clerk deducts tickets at a railway counter and for cutting tickets online, a person must apply to turn into an agent. And then he will become an authorized ticket booking agent. Every IRCTC agent can earn lots of money from the comforts of their homes. These agents can book all kinds of train tickets that include RAC, Tatkal, etc. And after they book tickets, they get an impressive commission.
  • These agents can make impressive income – If you become an IRCTC agent and book non-AC coaches for passengers, you will be able to earn Rs.20 as a commission for each ticket. And if you book tickets for AC coaches, you will be able to earn Rs. 40 per ticket. Besides, you will also earn 1% of the price of the ticket.
  • Can book a limitless number of tickets – Most people want to know, “IRCTC agent kaise bane?” because they can book a limitless number of tickets. Along with this, they can also avail of the option of booking Tatkal tickets in just fifteen minutes. An IRCTC agent can also book air tickets besides trains.
  • Flexible working hours – IRCTC agents can work under flexible working hours. Due to this, this job entices countless people.
  • Develop their travel brand – These agents can also form their travel brand and this option motivates every person to become an IRCTC agent.

The Final Thoughts

No matter whether a person wants to start his business or have an additional source to earn money, he can fulfill his dreams of turning into an IRCTC agent through the IRCTC agent registration program. To know, irctc agent kaise bane, contact a PSP such as Sionline.

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