Kedarnath Tour: A Spiritual Sojourn on The Lap of The Himalayas

Kedarnath, the divinity on the lap of the Himalayas, attracts thousands of pilgrims and hikers every year. One of the most famous Hindu pilgrimages is located in the state of Uttarakhand, India. At an altitude of 3,583 meters (11,755 feet) above sea level and just 16 Km away from Gaurikund, the scenic beauty of Kedarnath is mesmerizing, and its spiritual importance is unmatched. If you are planning for a Kedarnath tour, use the service of an expert tour operator having several years of experience in helping thousands of people experience the beauty and spirituality of Kedarnath. Keep in mind that embarking on a Kedarnath journey is not just a physical journey but it’s going to be a transformative experience. Be mentally and physically prepared for a pilgrimage or tour never before.

The whisper of divinity on the lap of the Himalayas

Kedarnath is one of the Char Dham sites that Hindus wish to visit at least once in their lifetime. You have to reach Gaurikund first then from Gaurikund, it’s a 16 km uphill journey. It is physically challenging but worth taking the challenge. The whole path is dotted with breathtaking natural beauty. You will pass a few quaint villages and experience local culture. Life itself is spiritual there, and so is the environment. Hundreds of people will be seen hiking through the challenging path and chanting “Om Namah Shivaya” which echoes through the valleys creating a mesmerizing environment. Reaching the most famous temple of Lord Shiva, Kedarnath temple, brings everlasting peace to your mind. Kedarnath tour is truly Lord Siva’s blessing.

With Manchala Mushafir, it’s going to be a different experience for you. Their 4 days/3 night Kedarnath tour is full of spirituality, adventure, and new experiences. You can go for a solo tour or take a group with you. Manchala Mushafir arranges small group tours to Kedarnath that also include Kedarnath Yatra registration, trekking permits, hot water, an experienced tour guide, river rafting at Rishikesh, and easy transportation from one point to another. Hey also arranges comfortable stays on a sharing basis at Guptkashi and a hotel stay at Kedarnath. The expert guides take care of everything to make your journey smooth sailing.

The advantage of taking the support of an experienced tour arranger

When you plan a Char Dham pilgrimage or Kedarnath Tour, take advantage of the vast experience of a tour arranger like Manchala Mushafir. In most cases, they arrange a package tour where the whole group remains together throughout the pilgrimage. It makes your journey safe and comfortable.

  • They take the responsibility of Yatra registration and trekking permits.
  • They provide an experienced tour guide with each group which makes the tour or pilgrimage more knowledgeable and comfortable.
  • They will arrange your stay in the best places where you can take complete rest at night.
  • They take care of any first aid or medical emergency.
  • Overall, your expenses lower significantly because they know the right prices of different other services you may need during the journey.

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