Nagercoil Famous Banana Chips

Know about Nagercoil Famous Banana Chips

Food in Indian culture plays a crucial role and it is considered one of the most important things in India. Every state, place, culture, and religion has been popular to have its unique palette of scrumptious food when it comes to Indian food. Since India is rich in agriculture every city and state of India possesses some special food item exclusively grown and made in their city. Food is like a social as well as emotional adhesion when it comes to India. Indian food is not only rich in taste but culture as well. Today, with the evolution of online business, it has become easier to taste different regional food and their specialties anytime, anywhere. This is the reason why people always prefer online food delivery from any region or city around the world. Let us know more about Nagercoil famous later in this discussion.

What is unique about Nagercoil?

Nagercoil is a pristine land of greenery in the southernmost part of India which is beautifully surrounded by paddy fields and hills. It was a part of Kerala and Travancore kingdom till it was merged with Tamil Nadu. In Tamil “Nagercoil” means the “Temple of Nagas.” The banana chips prepared in this region of Tamil Nadu are extremely popular and are made with a unique blend of spices and a locally grown variety of bananas. The specialty of Kerala cuisine is that it is made with coconut oil which acts as a taste enhancer as well. 

Nagercoil Famous

Popular online store has made the famous Nendran banana chips available in different cities in India. The following is a brief discussion of the same:

  • Nendran Banana Chips: These utterly delicious banana chips are manufactured from a locally grown banana. This can be a regional favorite snack for all the members of your family. The banana slices are cut thick and fried in coconut oil. The unique blend of iodized salt and other spices has made this snack super tasty. This premium quality snack is prepared hygienically and without adding any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives thus making it healthy as well. This is a completely vegetarian, gluten-free, non-spicy snack that is safe even for the smallest member of your family. This product is packed fresh in a paper container with a shelf life of 3 months and delivered to your doorstep as soon as possible.

These tasty chips are not available everywhere. If you want to buy Nagercoli’s famous banana chips, is a trusted source. Buy online whenever you want hassle-free. You can even send various savories and sweets including the famous banana chips of Nagercoli to your near and dear ones.

End Note

Do you also want to try out the lip-smacking, crispy, and crunchy Nagercoil famous banana chips? Then would be the best option to get fresh and premium quality banana chips at your home. Moreover, you can get the facility of getting it delivered without spending an extra amount for shipping. For more details check their official website.

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