Discover The Health Benefits of Non-GMO Soya

The non-GMO is labelled as a harvest to show that the product has been farmed without using genetically modified seeds. GMO stands for “Genetically Modified Organism”. The demand for non-GMO soya is high in India and across the world. Madhya Pradesh is the major hub of non-GMO soya production in India. Organizations like Avi Agri Business Limited procure the highest-grade non-GMO soybeans directly from the farmers and highest-yielding parts of India. Soybeans have wide many uses in the food processing sector.

More about Soybeans

Non-GMO soybeans are grown from traditional seed varieties. The soya or soya bean is a type of legume widely grown in India. It is categorized as an oilseed instead of a pulse. It is known to be the most valuable and economical agricultural commodity. Since it is a very nutritious food product it is consumed in high quantity and this is the reason why Non-GMO Soybean has become so popular nowadays. 

Non-GMO Soya is known as the soybean that gets cultivated without applying any technique of genetic modifications. Though this type of soya needs more effort to grow as they are not grown with herbicides and pesticides it has become the strength of various leading manufacturers. 

Benefits of Having Non-GMO Soybeans

Apart from being a protein-rich food, soya has various benefits for eating this food product which is a superfood indeed that must be added to everyone’s diet:

  • High protein: It is the first benefit that can be attained through the intake of Non-GMO Soya that helps in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. It is a healthier option for plant protein which consists of all the essential amino acids that are utilized by our body to grow stronger bones and muscles.
  • No cholesterol: It is one of the most important benefits among all as soy contains no cholesterol thus making better cardiovascular health.
  • More good fats: Since soy protein is made of less saturated fats it never affects heart health. Of the total fat contained in Non-GMO Soya, only 10% to 15% is saturated. It contains good fats such as omega -3, omega – 6 which reduces the chance of various diseases.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals: Soya bean is loaded with immensely beneficial minerals and vitamins, which provide various health benefits such as proper blood clotting, a benefit during pregnancy, good heart health, maintenance of age related bone health and support for different functions of the body.
  • Isoflavones: Due to the isoflavones content soy foods are extremely beneficial for enhancing skin elasticity and wrinkles in aging skin.

Products Produced from Non-GMO Soya

Leading manufacturers of non-GMO Soya products such as Avi Agri produce a wide variety of amazingly healthy products. Some of the most popular ones are discussed below briefly:

  • De-oiled Soya Lecithin: De-oiled soya lecithin powder of non-GMO Soya is used as a food thickener, emulsifier in baking, mayonnaise, dressing, bread, chocolates, energy drinks, non-dairy creams and more.
  • Soya Defatted Flakes (Untoasted): These are used in the production of various protein isolates, protein concentrates, textured soya chunks, bakery, cakes, sauces, etc.
  • Soya Defatted Flour (Untoasted): It is utilized in bakery and confectionery products as a food supplement.

Besides dozens of other products are processed from this amazing harvest, non-GMO soya. Soya is now considered one of the best sources of protein, vitamins, minerals, and several other nutrients.

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