Why Should You Order North Indian Pickles Online?

Indians have an unconditional love for tangy, spicy pickles and it also plays an important role in their regular meals. Pickles are so amazing that they can spice up any Indian food and can also be added to every Indian meal as the ultimate taste enhancer. There is a large variety of pickles available ranging from sour to sweet to tangy to spicy. Pickles are mostly known for adding flavors to basic Indian dishes and have been an important part of meals for centuries. So, if you want to order the most delicious North Indian pickles online then opting for a popular online store would be the best.

Why North Indian Pickles are popular?


North Indian pickles are known for their bold and spicy flavors. Varieties of spices and ingredients like mango, ginger, and chilies are added to North Indian pickles.


North Indian pickles have a long tradition in the region such as Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Jammu & Kashmir, and Rajasthan. Many families have their own secret methods and receipts that have been passed down from one generation to another. This cultural implication makes them a significant part of North Indian cuisine. Today, these pickles are available commercially.


North Indian pickles can be added with varieties of food items rice, roti, and paratha. They add flavor to the meals.

Health benefits of pickle

Pickles are not only mouth-watering but healthy as well. The amazing blend of salty, sour, sweet ad hot flavors makes it a perfect addition to any of your dishes. However, according to some of the studies it has various health benefits as well and the following are some of the major health benefits:

  • Pickles contain good bacteria which help to break down sugar contained in food thus improving the probiotic health of your body which is also good for maintaining gut health.
  • According to a study, consuming pickles can regulate the blood sugar level of the body.
  • The formation occurring in the pickles is extremely helpful in reducing the cholesterol level of the body.
  • Since, pickles are high in Vitamin E and C, which have antioxidant properties, it helps in reducing oxidative stress which is very harmful to the body. 

More about North Indian pickles

Each region of India has its kind of pickles and local people along with people from other regions also love to have these varieties. Some are famous for non-vegetarian pickles while others are popular for vegetarian pickles. When it comes to North Indian pickles, they are mostly vegetarian pickles and made from red chilies, green chilies, and mango. Mostly, the North Indian pickles are prepared using mustard oil so the pickles become much tastier with the aroma of mustard oil. One of the best North Indian pickles available at the online store of Mirchibites.com is mentioned below:

Varanasi Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle

It is a traditional family recipe of North India that is full of flavor and includes an adequate amount of ingredients added to it. It can taste great with rotis and parathas but can also be accompanied by rice. This pickle is prepared by maintaining all the hygiene standards and without any harmful colors or flavors which makes it safe to consume. Moreover, this lip-smacking pickle is a perfect blend of fresh red chili, mustard oil, dried mango powder, salt, and spices. 

If you are not sure about where to order your preferred pickle or North Indian pickles online then you must visit the online store of Mirchibites.com. They offer an assorted range of freshly packed, healthy, and tasty pickles in their store and assure delivery to your doorstep with intact quality.

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