All That You Need to Know About Online Private Limited Company Registration

Online Private Limited Company Registration is governed by MCA and comes under the regulation of Companies Act 2013. Similar to any other business mode, the registration and incorporation of a private limited company is necessitated for smooth functioning of a company.

The registration part is mandatory to add PVT LTD against the company name. There are many reasons why a business owner must choose online private company limited registration.

  • This saves from standing in the long queues or run to government offices to get your business registered as a private limited company
  • The online process frees you from arranging and carrying a pile of papers, throughout the process for submissions
  • Online registration proves to be cost-effective, in case you get in touch with a reliable and trusted online services like UComply
  • Absolute transparency in the procedure since an applicant can track the application proceedings themselves!
  • It is easier to obtain ‘Certificate of Incorporation’ quicker and in a steadfast manner.

Perks of Adapting a Private Limited Company

  • Limited Liability: One of the greatest benefit of private limited company registration since it can be treated as an independent entity. This company is thus held solely responsible for all the debt payments as well as for unpaid shares.
  • Scope to save tax: With a Private Limited Company, there are numerous ways through which one can reap extra monetary benefits. There are many preliminary expenses such as stamp duty printing of documents, drafting OD MOA and AOA which are considered as expenses. Further, the tax applied to a private limited companies is 22% adding to a surcharge of 10% and minus 4% which brings it down to 25.17%.
  • ESOPs: Also known as Employee Stock Option Plans, private limited firms have the option can issue ESOP to employees subject which limits the number of shareholders.
  • Easily transferable: Another benefit of having a Private Limited Company registration is that the share can be easily transferred to any other person without facing any complications and hassle-free.
  • Get easy funding: Private Limited Company also enjoys a great option for borrowing funds. This company can issue debentures secured along with unsecured. There are many banks and other financial institutions also offer financial assistance to a number of large private firms.
  • Acts as a separate legal entity: As a Private Limited Company, it has a separate existence which varies from directors and shareholders. In case of liability, the company becomes accountable for its debts sparing the directors or shareholders.

In case you are looking for company registration in Pune, UComply is an experienced and qualified professionals that offers various services such as Accounting Services, Business Registration, Online GST Registrations, Tax Planning, and GST Return filing. The team here is efficient in handling the entire Online Private Limited Company Registration process which is effective and efficient. As far as the registration process is concerned, staff at UComply takes over the process as soon as they received all the documents and the signed authorisation letter. The procedures take three working days which involves filing of application with the Registrar of Copyright in Delhi.

The process of registration is carried seamlessly where our staff ensure seamless interaction with government by handling all the paperwork on behalf of clients. They also provide an update on the proceedings and remain a call away to assist the clients. Apart from the query solving, they ensure to take away and accomplish the process of registration without any glitches and roadblocks. To send in a further enquiry regarding the registration process of your private limited company, click on

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