Raw Nendran Banana

Qualities Of Raw Nendran Banana You Can’t Deny

Nendran bananas are a popular variety of bananas and they tend to be bigger compared to regular bananas. The flesh of these bananas is sweeter, silkier, and firmer. When Nendran bananas become ripe, they get a blackish look. Additionally, these bananas possess a distinct neck too with a thicker green skin. You can use raw bananas for preparing chips. Nendran bananas are found in Kerela. You can use these bananas to prepare several dishes, such as pazham pori, puttu, thoran, crips, and erisseri. You can fry, freeze, or grill these bananas for creating superb and fun dishes. Hence, it does not seem surprising that people love to buy raw Nendran banana online.

Nendran bananas: Health benefits

Nendran bananas are also called Nendrangal bananas and they are found in the southern part of India. When you get Nendran bananas from Kanyakumari, you will find them to be bigger than the Nendran bananas that are found in some parts of Tamil Nadu. Some health benefits of Nendran bananas are:

  • Lower glycemic index – If you eat Nendran bananas, your blood sugar levels will remain in control as they possess a lower glycemic index. Hence, even diabetic patients or people who wish to manage their levels of blood sugar can consume these bananas to keep botheration at bay.
  • Rich in nutrients – You will find Nandran bananas to be filled with several important nutrients, such as vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and vitamin B6. Fiber helps support digestive health whereas potassium is important to maintain heart function and healthy blood pressure.
  • Contain resistant starch in huge quantities – The carbohydrate “Resistant starch” does not get split by the body rather, it helps the good bacteria present in the gut. If you eat Nendran bananas you will find them to be containing resistant starch in huge quantities and they assist in promoting digestive health. Additionally, they lessen the dangers of colon cancer.
  • Might assist people in shedding weight – Nandran bananas turn into a superb snack choice for countless people who try to shed weight. These bananas contain high fiber and low calories. Hence, if you eat these bananas, you will feel full for a long time. So, you will not feel like snacking in between your meals.
  • Assist with absorbing iron – Nandran bananas contain higher amounts of vitamin C and they can help in increasing the absorption of iron in people’s bodies. Iron is a vital mineral that seems vital for overall energy levels and healthy blood cells.

Nandran bananas can turn into a superb inclusion to your healthy diet. A raw Nendran banana is full of essential nutrients. These bananas have a lower glycaemic index and are low in calories. Additionally, they also comprise resistant starch that lessens the dangers of colon cancer and promotes digestive health. You can now order varieties of pure Indian food online on Mirchibites.com. Just place your order online including Nendran bananas and get them delivered to your doorstep.

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