Railway Agent Registration and Allied Matters

Railway Agent Registration and Allied Matters

IRCTC is the abbreviation for Indian Railways Catering & Tourism Corporation and it is an Indian Railways subsidiary. IRCTC is responsible for handling catering, tourism operations, and online ticketing in India on behalf of Indian Railway. Here, we are talking about IRCTC’s e-ticketing and railway agent registration.

No matter whether you have decided to start your business or develop your travel brand, you can always think of turning into an IRCTC agent. If you become an authorized agent of IRCTC, you will be able to work either full-time or part-time according to your convenience. Many people work as IRCTC agents without leaving their present jobs and this way, they get additional flexibility.

No requirement for office space

If you become an IRCTC agent, you will not be required to make arrangements for an office space and you can do your job regardless of where you are located. However, you must be armed with a laptop or computer, the internet, a printer, and a telephone or mobile phone. The telephone is required to keep in contact with customers. In many situations, your customers will ask for e-tickets over the telephone. This way, you will be capable of earning IRCTC agent commissions immediately and incessantly.

The convenience

Most travelers love to get in touch with a travel agent as these agents propose botheration-free services to the travelers. These people look for the highest level of flexibility as well as convenience. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that turning into an IRCTC agent is a fruitful job. When you become an IRCTC agent, you will get the recognition you truly deserve. Additionally, you will be able to stretch your services beyond the traditional business only.

The need for IRCTC agent registration

You should look for IRCTC railway agent registration as you will be able to enjoy many facilities:

To turn into an IRCTC agent, you must apply for your registration.

When you become an agent, you can book tickets for railway passengers without any confinements. The accounts of the IRCTC agents lack the restrictions like the usual IRCTC user ID as they are restricted to making only four to six bookings every month.

IRCTC proposes Sanctioned IRCTC agent login to the agents. The IRCTC agent name as well as details are published on the IRCTC Agent Location. You will get a registration certificate that shows your authenticity.

Why should you opt for IRCTC agent registration?

People find some sturdy reasons to become IRCTC agents. The very first thing is these agents can book many tickets according to the need. They also enjoy the tag of turning into full-fledged sanctioned travel agents. This way, they gain the trust of their customers. The IRCTC agents earn impressive commissions on the booking of their tickets and they can expand their travel business while they earn hefty commissions. Hence, it seems feasible to get railway agent registration.

Contact a trusted PSP

PSP means Principal Service Provider. PSPs like SiOnline are directly appointed by IRCTC. SiOnloine can appoint e-ticketing agents in India. You can contact them for complete information on how to obtain IRCTC authorized agency. The whole process takes a few days and you can start earning from the system regularly.

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