Two Wheeler Alloy Wheels: A Revolution in Automotive Industry

Wheels are the most important parts of your two-wheeler that are responsible to transfer the power of the engine to the road thus ensuring that you do not experience bumpy rides. Alloy wheels are extremely important to improve the performance and looks of any two-wheeler. Alloy wheels are also known as ‘mag wheels’.

Most alloy wheels are usually cast aluminum alloys, but some are manufactured with magnesium alloys which provide greater ductility and strength. The process of manufacturing quality alloy wheels includes various processes such as Melting and Degassing, Casting, Gate-cutting, Machining, Shot blasting, Heat treatment, Painting, and assembling of an alloy wheel.

Since, manufacturing quality alloy wheels require high-end machines, advanced facilities of plant, and other production facilities, so while buying two-wheeler alloy wheels make sure to rely on the trusted manufacturing rand. The manufacturers always put their best effort to produce top-quality alloy wheels so that their customers can enjoy safe rides.

Advantages of two-wheeler alloy wheels

In the present scenario in the automobile industry, there is a rapid growth of manufacturers who offer alloy wheels. This is because the numerous advantages of using alloy wheels make them offer for two-wheelers:

  • Aesthetics: This is one of the reasons why the owners of two-wheelers as well as cars choose alloy wheels for their vehicles. The alloy wheels are capable of enhancing the entire look of the car by giving it a smarter, polished, and stylish look. 
  • Strong: Since alloy wheels are magnesium and aluminum alloys, they are much stronger than any other steel wheels. These wheels allow the cars and two-wheelers for flexing better across the corners and enhance handling with decreased vibration. Moreover, as these wheels are stronger they are also prone to cracks when faced high impact shocks.
  • Less weight: These are much lesser in weight than any standard steel wheels which also helps to enhance car handling and overall car ride. Thus, it can be said that it is beneficial for the better performance of the vehicle.
  • Heat resistance: This is one of the major benefits of using two-wheeler alloy wheels in your bike. It provides an outstanding capability of heat resistance which keeps the quality of car wheels and brake system in a good condition for a longer time.
  • Free from corrosion and rust: Aluminum alloys are popular for their capability of withstanding rust and corrosion. So, the alloy wheels produced from aluminum alloys are also free from corrosion and rust.

These advantages make the alloy wheels advantageous to two-wheeler manufacturers. Moreover, the weight of bikes and other automobiles has decreased drastically. Rockman is an established alloy wheels manufacturer manufacturing different ranges of products for two-wheeler manufacturers. For improved performance and lightweight bikes, alloy wheels are indispensable.

End Note

For getting the most premium quality two-wheeler alloy wheels, contact Rockman Industries Ltd. They are one of the reliable manufacturers having 4 production facilities in India with 152 GDC and 8 LPDC fully automated machines. They are offering quality products with strict adherence to deadlines.

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