VC Doctor: The Best Telemedicine platform for Doctors

Telemedicine can be defined as the distribution of health services and information via telecommunication or e-technologies. The benefit of telemedicine is that it allows a connection between long-distance patients and clinicians. Doctors can contact, care, advise, set reminders, educate, intervene, and monitor any issues with patients using telemedicine technology.

Why has Telemedicine become relevant today?

Telemedicine primarily deals with remote clinical services like diagnosis and monitoring. Telemedicine is instrumental in bridging the gap in case the traditional meet-cute cannot be arranged between a doctor and patient, such as:

  • Patients from Rural Settings
  • Lack of transport and mobility
  • Outbreaks of epidemics or pandemics
  • Decrease in funding
  • Lack of clinical staff
  • Restricted access to healthcare

What services does a Telemedicine platform provide?

You can use the Telemedicine to provide the following services:

  • Distance-learning
  • Meetings & Presentations between practitioners
  • Online Information Disbursal
  • Health Data Management
  • Healthcare System Integration

Telemedicine Platform for Clinical Interactions

Telemedicine platform can also be used to facilitate the following things:

  • Discussion of clinicians of a case on video conference
  • Performing robotic surgery through remote access
  • Physiotherapy via digital monitoring instruments
  • Live Feed combinations
  • Tests forwarded to facilities for interpretation by a mature Clinician
  • Home Monitoring of patient and sharing of their health data
  • Patient-Doctor Online Conference
  • Video interpretation during an online consultation

VC Doctor: The Best Telemedicine Platform out there

VCDoctor is a HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine platform. VCDoctor brings patients and clinicians together on a single platform to make communication effortless. We provide customized telemedicine solutions to the doctors registered with us. We understand how essential it is to keep the doctor up to date regarding their appointments as well as documents. VCDoctor also helps ease the tasks of the doctors within time.

Benefits for Doctors Using VCDoctor as their Telehealth Platform

Qualitative Benefits

VCDoctor gives increased job satisfaction. It enables healthcare providers to deliver personalized care which leads to greater job satisfaction. We also facilitate enhanced provider-patient relationshipsA closer relationship between healthcare providers and patients leads to better patient outcomes. VCDoctor also streamlines healthcare delivery as well as coordination. This leads to better healthcare outcomes for patients with an efficient use of resources.

Quantitative Benefits

The VCDoctor platform reduced no-show rates by up to 50%. Patients attend appointments from anywhere, without traveling to the clinician’s facility. We also expand the patient population by up to 50% for a clinician and make them reachable to remote or rural areas. VCDoctor can also boost revenue by 40%. This fiat is accomplished by reducing overhead costs and maintenance costs of a physical office.

Guidance Benefits

VCDoctor provides healthcare systems with access to medical advice from specialists. This becomes a more accurate and tailored guidance for a patient’s health. We also enable healthcare providers to schedule appointments easily and quickly, which can lead to earlier diagnosis of diseases or disorders and preferential treatment. We at VCDoctor empower patients to take an active role in taking care of their health. This can be done by providing them with easier and frequent access to healthcare providers as well as their medical records, and educational resources.

Clinical Benefits

With VCDoctor, you can get more frequent communication and monitoring of patients which leads to better health outcomes, and enhanced patient-provider collaborationYou can easily share medical records and collaborate with other doctors on VCDoctor. With this, you can move towards more coordinated care and better health patient outcomes. Lastly, the most important of all, VCDoctor provides convenient and accessible care which further boosts their patient loyalty and betters patient-provider relationships.

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