Tips to Plan Best Honeymoon Safaris Uganda

Youth today is more excited about exploring wildlife than moving over a sea facing bungalow for their honeymoon. With such an increasing popularity of Honeymoon Safari in Uganda, there are comes along many considerations to ensure that your experience remain seamless and exciting all through. To avoid any roadblocks during your trip amidst the nature and wildlife, you need to consider a few tips that must be ticked off from your bucket list.

The below given tips are surely going to offer you a magical, eventful and adventurous start of your new life as a married couple:  

  • Plan in advance: To have a seamless and priortised booking, it is important to initiate the booking process right at the time of your wedding preparations. Planning early helps you to shortlist all the destinations, activities and gain crucial information before taking a trip. Needless to say, it gives you peace of mind amongst all the happenings of your wedding preps.
  • Know the best time to visit: Weather and season is the most important consider while planning such a rigorous outdoor excursion. Always search for the best time to visit Uganda since it has no summer or winter seasons. But only dry (December-February and June-July) and wet seasons (September-November and March-May).
  • Discuss together: Specifically booking such excursions for your honeymoon, it is important to discuss the trip details with your partner and take a look at the minute details of how you both will be spending your days.
  • Keep it light: Avoid putting too much on yourself and plan breaks as well. If you are taking a package from a reputed honeymoon safari Uganda organizer, you will definitely see some time planned to sit back and relax.
  • Best is to be someplace new: Taking the road less travelled is many people’s kick. Going on an adventurous wildlife safari on your honeymoon is definitely one such move. Uganda can be a place which is new and out of everyone’s focus, which will give you solitude and less crowded experience. Selecting African safari offers you the thrill of the wilderness or along with letting you seep in serenity and meet new cultures.
  • Take notes: Before you finalize a place or an activity on your honeymoon, first hand research is important. Conducting detailed research will give you an insight to many things that you might be missing out on including in your safari package.
  • Approach a travel agent: If the entire process is getting too overwhelming for you, call a safari operator. Run through the agency’s testimonials and hand over the task in trustworthy hands. Googling these operators or going by recommendation will save you from shockers afterwards.
  • Set your own itinerary: While it is quick and easy to follow what others did on their trip, always take time in planning and eliminating things that are not as per your taste. It can be exhausting to following someone else’s day plans since your purpose of taking this trip will not be the same as theirs.
  • Seek alone time: It is your knowing each other phase after all. Once you explore and experience the wilderness, you can also plan some alone time wandering in woods or relaxing for some hours alongside the bone fire. Nature walks and candlelit dinners can be a great additions to your ternary.
  • Seek advice: Many travel agents and reputed companies like can be approached to get recommendations since they have better firsthand encounters to guide you the best. Speaking to their trip advisors can bring about a lot of options and will ensure err free bookings and negotiations on your behalf.

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