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The oh-so-famous world pandemic has made us all pick up our hobbies and finesse our hands on them, back again. And with the increasing craze for living our hobby along with our 9 to 5 job, is a real hustle. But guess what, this hustle can now be calmed and handled with ease by purchasing the art supplies from Reliance Fine Arts online store. This store is loaded with brush pens, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, and other such essentials that are required for living our art hobby.

Among all the other art supplies, what’s in trend are brush pens. They are used for calligraphy, botanical painting, and more. Now, if you are already familiar with brush pens and have tried several brands offering the same, then you might know which brush pen suits you the best. But for all amateur who are inclined towards this art, might have a tough time picking the right pen. So, to aid you in that, we have mentioned below a few factors that can be considered while you plan to buy brush pens from Reliance Fine Arts online shop.

  • Tips: These pens have 3 variables when it comes to tips, namely- natural hair tips, synthetic hair tips, and felt tips. Among all these 3, the best suited for amateurs are felt tips brush pens. This type of pens are easy to handle, and their marker-like tip makes it easy to work with. Whereas natural and synthetic hair tip pens are very smooth and require a lot of practice to control their functioning.
  • Tip Size: The tip of brush pens plays a crucial role in your art. Hence, you must know what tip size is adequate and for what purpose. Like for instance, thin tip size pens are adequate for detailing but they make a scratching sound. Whereas broad-tipped brush pens are suitable for comfort painting and calligraphy. Broad tip pens also allow us to create bold, and more expressive strokes.
  • Firmness: Brush pen tips range from firm to soft, depending on the bristle type, size, and density of it. Like already mentioned, felt tip pens are firm and they promise a desirable outcome. On the other hand, nylon and synthetic hair brush pens have soft bristles offering more flexibility. This flexibility is ideal for making a creative piece of art and can only be handled if you have mastered the art of using brush pens.
  • Pigmentation: The standard brush pens come in black ink unless they’re designed for a different purpose. And the pigmentation of this black ink varies from brand to brand thus it is advisable to choose a pen that serves your desired pigmentation. To have a noticeable work portfolio, you need to opt for well-pigmented pens. Go for muted black ink pens if you desire a subtle gradient and softer look.
  • Ink Flow: Another important aspect of a good brush pen is whether the flow of ink is wet or dry? When choosing to buy a brush pen, you should know how does it let the ink flow so that you work with efficiency. Some pens have a wet ink flow that might result in a lot of ink flowing as soon as the pen tip touches the paper. Other pens might have dry ink flow, that controls the ink flow without creating ink bobbles on the paper.
  • Elasticity: Well, don’t get confused by this term. The elasticity of a pen tip reflects the ability of the brush pen tip to get back in shape after every use. Its nature of bouncing back to the original shape no matter how much pressure you put on them is referred to as elasticity. Hence, brush pens with more elasticity are perfect for beginners. And the simple reason behind it is while starting your painting journey with brush pens, everyone is a little more excited and is inclined towards making the best strokes without noticing the pressure they are putting on their brush pens.

All these aspects make it for the check-list that you should go through before buying brush pens. And no worries if you are still clueless about the same, as Reliance Fine Arts is a one-stop-shop that offers the best of best brush pens along with other craft supplies. Being an amateur, everyone is worried and confused about how to start with their art journey. And to help you in that, RFA has come online as well as is available as an android app. Check our website anytime you want and get your hands on our collection of brush pens that are available at an affordable price. You will get all top-end international and Indian brands that offer you great brush pens at very reasonable prices on our website.

About Reliance Fine Arts

We are an old stationery and art supplies shop, that has been successfully running for ages now. And while keeping today’s generation’s needs and demands in mind, we have recently launched our online website so that buying your favorite art and craft supply is easy for you. Also, we have our android application available on Google Playstore that will make it easier for you to scroll and order. We are mostly having discounts running throughout the website and on our application, so fret not- we do aid in saving your money.

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