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Acharya Lokesh Dhamij is named on the top charts when it comes to availing numerology services. One of the best online astrologers and best numerologist in India, Mr. Dhamija offers real-time solutions via live chat-rooms or over the phone. Apart from offering highly customized numerology services, our expert offers Vastu consultant by dealing with queries. He also has in-depth knowledge regarding gems recommendation in combination with life predictions based on one’s horoscope.

Numerology is a Divine Science that is more number based which is independent from the scope caste, creed, nationality, color, religion, and language. Acharya Lokesh Dhamij the best numerologist in Delhi who knows the detailed art of Science, Art, Astronomy, and Mathematics backed by solid astrological readings so as to offer befitting solutions. Customers can reach our famous numerologist in India at Vastumatics to offer specialized reading sessions that can resolve matters related to career, marriage, wealth, business etc.

What is Numerology and its importance?

Many of us don’t realize how our lives are impacted by the numbers that can be sorted as per mathematical equation. But surprisingly no one pays attention to such numbers which are really important in monitoring everything that happens in our lives. While numbers are considered as a fun, these also hold a lot of value which is why numerology has emerged as an advanced science which requires guidance from best numerologist in this domain.

Numerology is perceived as a study and interpretation of important numbers that can help in enlightening a person upon pitfalls and direct to the solutions to overcome foreseen challenges. Generally, it is a reading that helps an individual to understand life better through a quick numerology session. The numbers are calculated as tools to influence the events of human life by uplifting the overall life quality. Top numerologist in Mumbai is consulted by people to achieve success and happiness, proving numerology is of great help. Some of the key factors that highlight the importance of Numerology are enlisted below:

  • Correct the planetary defect: Numbers are associated with the 9 planets by assessing the decoding the planetary defect lying in a birth chart. It is believed that the numerology readings and remedies are directed at rectifying the same.
  • Limit the Karmic effects: Numerology is aimed at reducing the effects of Karma by altering destiny to invite happiness in lives.
  • Predictions: Numerology is also a driving force in forecasts decisions related to acquisitions, marriage, mergers, and family amongst an array of others.
  • Overall prosperity: Numerology consultancy from best numerologist in Delhi drives overallhealth and happiness by identifying health hazards which can be countered with an expert vision.
  • Analysis: Top numerologist in Delhi works on assessing the birth chart to predict events that are forthcoming both short-term and long term. Therefore it is important to make major decisions such as property purchase, job shift and career opportunities, among others.
  • Spotting weak zones: Top numerologist in Indiawill assess areas of strengths and weaknesses and act as a guiding force to an individual.
  • Valuable assets: This advanced science of numbers is targeted at buying or selling valuable assets which will impact long-term investments.
  • Occupation: Numerology is also a lead for a student or a professional to map the existing or forthcoming choices that are best suited for their growth. Best numerologist in Indiais highly sought after by job aspirants to understand the best field for them and be happy with the results.
  • Marriage consultancy: It is a lead for those who are seeking marriage consultancy thus resolve to a peaceful and happy married life. Numerology acts an important tool to guide to pick a spouse who will bring prosperity.

Types of Numerology Methods

Best numerologist in India maps on applying various methods that are targeted using different numerological values with the help of date of birth and name. Some of the popular numerology methods include:

  • Destiny number: Deal with one’s ultimate goal in life
  • Heart number: Deal in mapping a number which motivates a person.
  • Talent number: As the name suggests, it focusses on qualities and talents that a person holds?
  • Personality number: This method deals with an individual’s outer personality or reactions/response indicated to the world. 
  • Challenge number: This deals with a weak link which is acting as a hurdle to achieve the set goals.
  • Birth force period: This deals with the surrounding environment or background force e.g. a loved one hindrance to achieve goals.

Our top numerologist in India has hands on exposure in working with major numbers that are calculated by taking into consideration a person’s full name and date of birth. However, numerology does not end at calculation which is correct and efficient interpretation of a person’s name but also makes one aware of the forthcoming challenges. Famous numerologist in India, Acharya Lokesh Dhamij focusses on utilizing knowledge gained through this number concept along with its accurate application.

Benefits of Numerology in Our Daily Life

There are three leading theories which are driven and upheld in the fields of future such as Astrology, Palmistry and Numerology. This is derived from the concept that there is a moment for birth which is aligned with a time for death in a logical sequence. Numerology makes use of numbers to map and track human behavior that is impacted by vibrations radiated by planets. Since these prone to impact a person’s physiology, emotions, ambitions, thinking, reason, likes, dislikes, career, health, etc. consulting best numerologist in Delhi can bring the following benefits:

  • Right decision: The readings derived through numerology to reach the right decisions and make a wise choices. By consulting a numerologist, a person gets guided towards the right path that is in alignments with his or her aims therefore eliminating all unforeseen difficulties along the way.
  • Self-assessment: Numerology is an advanced science of numbers which also reveals a person’s personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, along with outlining the hardships he or she is expected to face during a life time. It is basically a guide to meeting self and zeroing to the options that can improve the overall quality of life.
  • Healthy relationships: By matching the numbers, one can actually understand the needs of their loved to further strengthen the relationship. Numerology puts in light as to how one is as a person and how his nature can smoothen the entire course of their relationship with others.
  • Growing Business and Reaching Career Goals: Numerology is also considered as a path to making the right choice when it comes to signing deals and business investments along with deciding on business name, office set-up, and all else that is associated with a business.
  • Knowing the life purpose: A numerologist guides a person to understand his life purpose and goals more specifically. This all is derived by calculating the life path number along with outlining personality traits, positive qualities, etc.
  • Compatibility revealed: It has to do with something as basic as finding compatibility with a possible partner and to know if long-term understanding can be achieved or not in co‑existence with someone.
  • Change-of-life prediction: The Power Number as discussed is empowered to change one’s life. It can be calculated about midlife wherein the power energy comes into force. Possible also known as a time when the overall life is about to change.

How Numerology Works?

Consulting top numerologist in Mumbai bring intro clarity as to how these numbers are shuffled and calculated to draw benefitting conclusion. There is something about repeating numbers as well as certain numbers which acts as a captivating force for people. This can extend to deciding name of one’s children finalizing a certain numerical value. So how is it done?

As per the best numerologist at Vastumatics, ‘every number comes with its respective frequency and is a part of a specific category’. The core principle around numerology begins with the assessment of one’s date of birth.

For ex: A date of birth is Feb 16, 1996 which corresponds to a life path number of 7.

This include the summing up the numbers, that’s how:

Take and add the number of the month, date digits, and digits in the year.

2+1+6+1+9+9+6 = 34

The next step is to add 3+4 and reach a single digit which is a path number of 7.

This number indicates that this date is possibly great make a big decision such as marriage, sign a contract, invest in a property, or to make major decisions.

Why should I choose Acharya Lokesh Dhamija for Numerology Consultation?

Acharya Lokesh Dhamija, a leading Numerologist, an Astrologer, and a Vaastu Shastra Acharya holds expert knowledge in Occult Science. He puts his skills and senses together to resolve any kind of problems arising in one’s professional as well as personal life. Besides, being a celebrated and practiced astrologer and numerologist, he has also set the founding stone of Vastumatics. Reckoned as the best numerologist in India, he has a knack of integrating the numerology techniques by applying certain methods of astrology to have an overall beneficial quality of life.

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