Open Plot for Sale in Vijayawada

Located 300 km away the city of Hyderabad, Vijayawada is situated on the banks of Krishna River within Krishna district at the South Coastal Andhra. Open plot for sale in Vijayawada hosted by Andhra Projects is an alluring feature of this city which has also emerged as a major commercial hub.

Vijayawada is a home to some of the best educational institutes, popular education streams being Engineering and Medical, owing to which the city is often referred to ‘Vidyalawada’ (place of education).

Vijayawada is quite affluent when it comes to infrastructure since it has a thermal power plant and a unique railway line which interlinks the northern and southern parts of the country. With its uninterrupted water supply, Mangalagiri, Amaravati, Kondapalli, Mylavaram regions are also enveloped within its round-about, resulting in lots of available land in and around the city. Andhra Projects enable both the dwellers and investors to consider some serious property investments in open plots for sale in Vijayawada.

Its neighbouring localities, Guntur and Tenali, are also added to the equation, which are going to make this city much bigger than the metro itself, i.e. Hyderabad. If speculations are to be believed, it is already under discussion that Tenali and Managalagiri are going to established on lines of Delhi National Capital Region (NCR).

What are open plots in Vijayawada?

Open plots for sale in Vijayawada are considered as the most ideal real estate options owing to the fact that their buying and selling process is far easier and profitable. With the increased demand of real estate and open lands, there are very limited avenues to meet the increasing demand of land which is piling up day by day, especially in cities like Hyderabad.

Over the past few years, with a tremendous increase in the land valuation in value in Vijayawada, investors have started considering the option of investing in open plots in Vijayawada.

It goes without saying that the key motivation behind investing in open residential plots is that these promise great potential for multiplying the initial investment over a period of time. Considering that Vijayawada is all budding and booming and pacing towards modernized development, the real estate sector is quite alluring as an investment option.

Investing in plots is always quickest and safest way to have a strong asset line in place which secures long term benefit and promises great financial stability in future. The key benefit of investing in an open plot is that it can be bought and sold as and when the price goes up.

Residential plots in Vijayawada are best investment options which investor always remain in hunt for.

Benefit of Buying Open Plots in Vijayawada

Real estate investment is always considered as choicest investment option for various reasons for Indians. However, as an investor, one must ascertain the market conditions, which are quite encouraging to invest in residential plots for sale in Vijayawada.

Some of the advantages of investing in open plots in Vijayawada are unfolded below:

  • Less investment costs: Buying a vacant piece of land in India is far more economical than buying a land area in a residential or semi developed complexes. It surely promises a great deal of space as compared to independent villas and apartments. Additionally, the property tax on plots is far lesser than homes since the maintenance of the plot is also considered in the duty.
  • Promising ROIs: Investing in open land areas pledge higher returns on investments (ROIs) since these tend to increase substantially as compared to residential assets, especially if located in areas that promise great growth in future. Buying an open plot in a city like Vijayawada assures absolute security owing to its great infrastructure and facilities. The value of buying an open plot therefore surely appreciates, yielding profits to the buyer without much risk.
  • Easy to manage: Managing and up keeping of lands which are uninhabited is often much easier since these do not attract much of maintenance overheads, as in the case of individual homes or apartments.
  • No scope of damage: Since these plots are located at far off places, plot owners remain free from the worry of any trespassers damaging their property.
  • Easy and seamless purchasing process: Such plots are must faster and seamless when it comes to transacting in their buying and selling as compared to independent homes. This is due to the fact that these plots are free from the fuss of requiring any construction; thus owners have the option of taking immediate possession without any delay.
  • Great choice: As compared to already designed and finished apartments, plots for sale in Vijayawada city are available in greater choice. One can buy vacant pieces of land as per their respective needs, since their prices are much more affordable. Also, since these plots can be used for different purposes, for residential or commercial set-ups such as farmhouses or poultry farms, the buying of land area is much more favoured and flexible as compared to apartments and villas.
  • Added flexibility: Open plots favours easy customizations that is not possible in the case of apartments, flats, and houses. It is like buying a blank canvas which can be painted and adjusted as per your specific requirements.
  • Low risk investment: Open plots are always considered low risk investment because these are less likely to loose on their valuation. In fact, with the development kicking in, their value spikes by manifolds, ensuring higher returns for the buyer.
  • Hassle free procedures: Buying open plots in Vijayawada brings along easy and transparent transaction procedure. Since market rates are see-through, their fluctuating rates always remain visible and assure security of the transaction.

Why buy open plots in Vijayawada city from Andhra Projects?

At Andhra Projects, we present top-tier facilities and hassle-free maintenance which are the key highlights of our services. With 21 successfully completed projects and more than 10,000 satisfied clients, we offer great deals on open plots in Vijayawada.

Our projects of premium plots for sale in Vijayawada are ideal choice for investment that assure higher ROIs and absolute investment safety. Some more reasons why you should consider buying plots from us are as follows:

  • Best residential real estate: At Andhra Projects, you will have access to best real estate open plot in Vijayawada. We own a segment which is growing both in terms of quality and quantity. Our projects pledge a future of successful development of residential townships, wherein all modern day facilities will be available such as gymnasium, clubhouse, tennis courts, swimming pools, and much more at a very affordable price. The Vijayawada Development Authority Guntur Tenali Mangalagiri (VGTM-UDA) is also in plans to build over 76,000 houses in Vijayawada and Tenali as per its Rajiv Swagruha scheme. This will churn out more development and employment avenues for a Special Economic Zone.
  • Great surge in value: With a great amount of investments entering in the Vijayawada city, its property sector has now also become a seller’s market. Buying an open plot with Andhra Projects is an assured win-win deal for owners due to an unprecedented price surges in most of our projects. As peer statistics, there has been a spike of 30 percent over the last 2 years which is expected to reach 40-60 percent increase in the coming year and a half.
  • Up surging retail market in Vijayawada: Investing with Andhra Project also opens up a dimension ofmaking a debut in the retail industry. Already the City Municipal Corporation has proposed a multiplex which will cover a land area of 2 acres near the Vidhya dharapuram bypass. So, investing in an open plot within the vicinity will serve great opportunity to consider starting your own retail in an open site or selling your space to the prospective buyers of retail industry at money minting prices.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is ambitious to build a Vijayawada city which reflects the beauty, and development of Singapore. With its interlinked road connectivity through bridges, flyovers and NH5 & NH9 that connects to the major cities of Telangana and AP, Vijayawada Andhra Projects is definitely one of the top real estate investment destinations for both locals and NRIs.

Vijayawada has ranked among the top five cities that have recorded annual price increase in the range of 8-10 per cent, talking specifically about the residential real estate property market. Also known as “City of Victory”, the city is on the onset of great economic growth across commercial and industrial sectors.

Andhra Projects is a project of open plots which are conveniently located far off from the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad. With dynamic and customised plot sizes ranging from 200 to 300 square yards, our community projects is open for bookings followed by construction.

Our community plots are well-linked roads, and promise uninterrupted water and power supply, ample parking space, swimming pools, playgrounds and much more. In case you wish to invest in an assured and promising real estate, our premium open plots of are definitely going to top as your ideal choice.

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