Conveniently Order the Best Quality Veg Food in Train

One of the biggest attractions of travelling by train is enjoying delectable meals while you cross across the states from one part of India to another. However, this is the point of view or perspective of a person who is just supposed to enjoy the meal while travelling. The situation might be very different for the person who needs to arrange for all of this food. The problem only becomes bigger when the number of people for whom the food must be arranged increases. However, now you can easily arrange for veg food in train through online app services. This is an excellent step for IRCTC when they have partnered some of the most eligible train food delivery services in India.

The new arrangement

Now the IRCTC has entered into an agreement or partnership with a third-party food delivery partner who can arrange quality, hygienic, and tasty food for the travellers in their train seats. You haven’t to get off the train or carry heavy meal boxes anymore. This new service of ordering food online has come as a huge help for those travelers who need to travel a long distance through the Indian Railways. Now there is no need to prepare food at home or purchase it from outside before taking your seat. All kinds of food items including veg food in train are just a few clicks away.

Enjoy delectable variety

This is one of the best ways through which you can enjoy a wide variety of vegetarian food while you are travelling. Third-party food delivery partners like OLF Stores have tie-ups with some of the leading restaurants and hotels in different parts of the nation. This means now you can enjoy local culinary dishes while you are travelling through a certain part of the country. All you must do is visit the app, check the menu available and make your booking well on time. Delicious steaming hot food will be served at your seat at the right time.

Assured quality food items

As a customer, you will be well-informed about the food items you will get in a vegetable thali. Otherwise, you can choose specific plates from the list of items available with OLF.  A complete description of the dish and the ingredients involved in its making will be given against every food item. Additionally, you will also get information about the spice quotient of the dish. Symbols are given against food preparations that are extremely hot and spicy. All of this information is given so that buyers can make aware and conscious choices. Buy only that food item whose preparations and ingredients agree with your requirements. Hence now you can be completely assured of the food that you are eating while you are travelling.

Have a safe journey

Ordering food through this online app is a simple way through which you can ensure that you have a safe and convenient journey. With the facility where you can order veg food in train through an online app such as OLF Stores, you can complete your journey with a lot more certainty and comfort. There is no reason to step down at stations and search platforms for food when you need to look out for the train from the corner of your eye. This arrangement is one of the most convenient forms of travelling especially if you are travelling with kids and elderly people. For those travelers who are travelling all alone and have major mobility issues, this facility proves to be life-saving. No wonder this service has garnered such a lot of attention and acceptance from travelers across different walks of society. So the next time you plan to travel to some part of the nation through the Indian railways try this new service to experience comfort like never before.

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