The Importance of a Cyber Security Solution Provider in India

Cyber security is regarded as a popular practice through which computers, mobile devices, servers, networks, electronic systems, and data are protected from malicious attacks. This is also called electronic information security or information technology security and applies in various contexts from mobile computing to business.

What is known as cyber security solutions?

A cyber security solution is known as a technological tool that helps in shielding organizations against various kinds of cyber-attacks as they can result in the disclosure of sensitive data, application downtime, compliance fines, reputation damage, and other serious consequences. In today’s modern security environment, different tools are a vital part of cybersecurity.

Kinds of cyber threats

cyber security solution provider in India counters some popular kinds of threats:

  • Cybercrime: It includes actors or groups that target systems for monetary gain or cause disruption.
  • Cyberterrorism: It intends to undermine an electronic system to cause fear or panic.
  • Cyber-attack: Cyber-attack involves politically motivated gathering of information.
  • Malware: It is meant malicious software that a hacker or cybercriminal creates for damaging or disrupting the computer of a legitimate user.
  • SQL injection: This is a kind of cyber-attacked that is utilized for taking control of stolen data from a database.
  • Phishing: Phishing happens when cybercriminals target a victim with emails that seem to be coming from legitimate companies and ask for sensitive information. Most often, phishing attacks are utilized for duping people into passing over personal information or credit card data information.

The categories of cyber security

There are several categories of cyber security and they are known:

  • Network security: Through network security, a computer network is secured from intruders.
  • Application security: This kind of security concentrates on keeping devices and software devoid of threats. Successful security starts in the phase of design before a device or program gets deployed.
  • Operational security: Operational security comprises the decisions and processes to handle and shield data assets. It includes the permissions that users get when they access a network and it determines where and how data should be shared or stored falls.
  • Information security: The job of information security is to protect the privacy and integrity of data which includes both transit and storage.
  • End-user education: It addresses people: the highly unpredictable cyber-security factor. Teaching a user to delete distrustful email attachments and different other vital lessons is vital for an organization’s security.
  • Disaster recovery: It defines how organizations respond to cyber-security incidents or other events that result in the loss of data or operations. The policies of disaster recovery dictate how organizations restore their information and operations for returning to the same operating capability as before the incident.
  • IoT security: IoT or the Internet of Things security helps in gaining visibility and applying security controls to the escalating network of the Internet of Things devices and they are hugely utilized for some mission-critical applications. Though they help store sensitive data they remain unsecured by design.
  • Cloud security: It helps in gaining control over complex private, public, and hybrid cloud surroundings by sensing vulnerabilities. Additionally, it also assists in remediating them.

Take professional assistance from the experts

GS2 Cyber Security offers multiple services in this domain such as vulnerability assistance, next-generation firewall, UTM solutions, penetration testing, cyber threat intelligence services, and security fabric. These aspects of cyber security offer complete protection and proactive detection of threats. Having such an expert service saves your data from all kinds of vulnerabilities.

To sum it up

A cyber security solution provider in India shields every cloud-based data store for ensuring compliance. Additionally, these providers preserve the agility and secure the cloud databases.

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