Use Decorative Vertical Stamping Concrete For Exclusive Designs And Extra Stability To Your House

An exciting growth market in decorative concrete is vertical stamping. Decorative vertical stamping concrete is a new market niche that combines a lot of aspects of horizontal stamping along with new material technology, allowing contractors for creating a vertical look, artistic techniques, and specialty tools, stone and wood formations, which are realistic and unique. 

These products are needed for vertical stamping application including tools for carving and texturing, vertical concrete mixes, and colours for making a finished product look real. The present trend includes a hybrid approach where the base material is combined with skins, rollers, or stamps, and thereafter the additional detail by carved through hands. Regardless of the method you use, the result is unique and difficult to differentiate from real wood, stone, or rock.

What is Vertical Stamps?

It is not much different from the traditional stamps, which have been used for a long time on flat work. The vertical stamps are available in stamp formats with multiple pieces and rigid grout lines that fit together and form a pattern. Another tool that belongs to the vertical stamp category is the textured roller. It looks similar to a paint roller, however, has a rubber roller head, which imparts texture and relief on the surface when the roller moves across a vertical stamp mix. 

The vertical stamp tools are good to cover large areas and for projects wherein detail is not vital. In many cases, installers shall come back and perform hand-carving for offering additional detail.

Vertical Carving Tool

The vertical stamping is different from traditional stamped flatwork is the detailed level, which can be achieved by hand carving. As vertical work is at an eye-level, some installers create intricate textures and the details are not found on horizontal stamped concrete. For achieving detail and realism, they depend on three kinds of carving tools as follows:

  • Textured Hand Trowel: It features a textured back, which gives textures to the flat surfaces by butting and carving into materials.
  • 3-way Vertical Jointer: This tool is used for vertical carving. It is available in multiple sizes and these Y-shaped tools built realistic intersections where rick and stone come together.
  • Carving Wedge: This tool can connect 3-way joints and it is available in different thicknesses and sizes, depending on the kind of rock or stone being emulated.

Decorative vertical stamping concrete is a popular wall texturing method because it offers constant results in little time. As far as the decorative concrete wall is concerned, vertical stamping concrete is the fastest growing market in India. this quality of stamping concrete is available in varieties of patterns and designs, Architects, civil engineers, developers, and interior designers use this one in different innovative ways. Express your needs and ideas, they can find a way to materialize them.  

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