Explore The Thrilling Aspects Of Gorilla Trekking Safaris In Uganda

Gorilla trekking is regarded as a lifetime adventure for countless people but they need a little bit of preparation for this activity. People find gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda to be hugely thrilling wildlife experiences and it is pretty different from people’s visits to local zoos or usual game drives. When people opt for gorilla trekking, they need to hike through thick vegetation, hills, valleys, water bodies, and tough terrain.

Most often, this activity turns out to be hugely laborious and challenging for people because they become exhausted. Again, they also experience sore knees if they aren’t habituated to walking for many hours. People do not hike in predictable and nicely paved tracks and they are required to deal with thorns and biting insects and walk through thick forests.

Some popular areas for gorilla trekking in Uganda

Some well-known areas that people prefer for gorilla trekking in Uganda are:

  • Ruhija Trek – This trek is situated in the southwestern part of Uganda and in this sector, you will find countless mountain gorillas. When you go on this safari, you will be able to see various gorilla families like the Oruzogo family, Bitukara gorilla, and Nyaguriro gorilla family. This safari also allows people to see many birds, such as Crimson wings, hornbills, African blue, flycatchers, etc.
  • Buhoma Trek – When people go on this safari, they undergo one of the highly adventurous experiences as they can see the Habinyanja, Rushegura, and Mubare group. Besides gorilla trekking, people can get involved in various other activities like birdwatching, waterfalls, and Buhoma village walk. This way, they will be able to get a taste of the local culture and lifestyle.
  • Nkuringo Trek – When you opt for this gorilla trekking safari, you will get a chance to see a larger group of gorillas. The Nkuringo group contains nineteen members and three silver backs and one male dominant are there. People who go for this trek find their experience to be breathtaking as they will be able to enjoy rich wildlife, lots of birding chances, and lush Savannah parts.
  • Gorilla Permit – When people wish to see the biggest population of mountain gorillas, they visit the Gorilla Permit. Here, they will be able to see the endangered species when they trek. When people want to have a habituation experience where they will be able to spend some hours with the gorillas, they will be required to pay a little more, such as 1500 USD  for each person.

Ababa Uganda Safari offers multip[le safaris throughout the year that also include gorilla trekking safari. When you are visiting Uganda with your family or friends, you \can customize your tour package with Ababa. They have many interesting offers for international travelers.

When you wish to experience the best gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, you need to prepare yourself fully. For this, you need to be armed with the ideal hiking boots, rain jackets, clothing, hand gloves, a hat, sunglasses, insect repellents, and different other things that would make and feel you comfortable. Everyone can do gorilla trekking but he must not be affected by a transmissible disease or sickness.

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