How to Get IRCTC Agent ID? Create A Steady Flow of Income

Do you know who IRCTC is? What do they do? How can they help you create a steady income? Let’s discuss all these questions in detail and how to get IRCTC agent IDYou’ll be both surprised and happy to know this easiest way to enhance your monthly earning. The opportunity is knocking at your door. You just need the right information and proceed accordingly.

Let’s help you.

IRCTC is an important part of Indian Railways

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited or IRCTC is a Central Public Sector organization under the Ministry of Railways. Smt. Rajni Hasija is currently Chairman and Managing Director of the organization. It is an extended part of Indian Railways given the right and responsibility of catering and hospitality services directly linked to Indian Railways. Its sole effort is to promote the tourism industry of the country through various means. Its primary source of income is e-ticketing for Indian Railways passengers in any part of the country. When you purchase railway tickets online from a nearby tour and traveling agent or yourself, you do they through IRCTC.

IRCTC is a profit-seeking company having its pan India presence. They have the right to appoint third parties for distributing railway tickets to general passengers in any part of the country. You can also be an IRCTC agent, but you need to know how to get IRCTC agent ID. This is not a tough job. You can earn a good amount every month. Moreover, it is a responsible job where you directly serve people in your locality.

Get IRCTC agent ID

To obtain an e-ticketing IRCTC agency, you have to be a registered agent of IRCTC. IRCTC has appointed a few Principal Service Providers (PSPs) for this job. SiOnline is a PSP offering the easiest way to obtain IRCTC agent ID. They have created a strong infrastructure for people interested in the e-ticketing business. You can apply for agency registration through SiOnline through their web portal. It is easy and fast.

Contact a PSP for agency registration. Their customer service cell will provide you with complete information on the procedure.

  • Contact customer service for complete information.
  • Fill up the mandatory form for agent registration.
  • Sign up with the token amount or first installment.
  • Submit all necessary documents as directed such as your KYC, ID proof, and address proof.
  • Proceed with the online verification process and complete it as directed.
  • Pay the remaining fees online.
  • Get your agent registration detail with a login ID and password.
  • After a few days receive the IRCTC certificate and dongle.

Once you are registered, you will be able to start selling long-distance train tickets for any long-distance train in India. with SiOnline you will have multiple other sources of income. Once you know how to get IRCTC agent ID and apply accordingly, it will take a few days to complete the whole process.

You need minimum infrastructure to start the IRCTC agency  

IRCTC e-ticketing facilities help people book tickets without standing in a long queue at railway stations. To start this business, you need a space to start the job, a computer unit with a printer, and a telephone or mobile.

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