Floor Tillers Sydney: Professional Tiles Installation Services in the Sydney Area

Floor tiling is an intricate job. Professional tilers in the Sydney area specialize in the installation of tiles in residential and commercial areas. They have expertise in both decorative and functional tiling in various spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, or various types of office spaces. The experienced and reputed floor tilers Sydney can design floor tiling for whole commercial premises as well as adhere to the needs and themes of the owners. They can work from scratch providing you with the basic design of the floor or renovating a space as per your requirements.

Residential and Commercial Tiling

Tiling projects, as said above, are intricate. These projects seek an extreme level of precision and systematic applications of tiling materials and tiles. A simple mistake from the workers can spoil the whole design. This is why, it’s feasible to call the best tiler having experience in diverse commercial and residential projects. Again, keep in mind that commercial and residential tiling needs different expertise and design. Though the basic level designs are the same, the work of floor tiling in residential and commercial spaces is different. Only, expert floor tilers in Sydney can explain the difference.  

Here are some differences in residential and commercial tiling:

Tile material

Commercial spaces require specific types of tiles such as tiles composed of porcelain or ceramic. These types of tiles are hard, durable, and cost-effective. Moreover, these tile qualities need low maintenance.

In residential spaces, a wider variety of tiles such as ceramic, marble, porcelain, and decorative tiles can be used depending on the utility of the space and the owner’s preferences.

Durability matters

In commercial places, due to higher levels of footfalls and pressure on the tiles, experienced floor tilers Sydney choose the tiles qualities that can withstand more wear and tear for several years.

In residential spaces, the footfalls are not at the level of commercial tiling. Still, the expert floor tilers choose the toiling materials that can be durable as well as aesthetic.

Designs and aesthetics

Commercial flooring needs to have an extreme level of durability and low maintenance. The professional look also matters. Some business owners and managers seek the color and style of flooring to be compatible with the other vital aspects of the building.

Residential flooring allows more color patterns, tile qualities, and personalization. Here, the expert tilers can be more creative as per the preferences of the homeowners.

Codes and regulations

In commercial tiling, the state and local authorities might have strict codes and regulations regarding tile materials and processes. The tilers need to adhere to various building codes such as sleep resistance and fire resistance.

In residential tiling, the codes and regulations are not as strict as in commercial tiling.  Here, they can show their creativity in different aspects of flooring.

Platinum Tiling is a full-time member of the Housing Industrial Association (HIA). They are committed to systematic and quality flooring in any part of Sydney. This floor tilers Sydney offers customized tiling jobs to all kinds of clients.

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