Useful Tips for Drive Chain Maintenance

Drive chain in a vehicle is an integral part of the vehicle as it empowers the bike to push forward. The drive chain comes linked to two sprockets wherein one sprocket is linked to the shaft along with the gearbox and other one connects with the rear wheel. This movement of the sprockets, in connection with the drive chain empowers the bike to move. Owing to its extreme importance and wide usage, drive chains suppliers in India come up with latest product innovations. Drive chain plays a crucial role and is expected to be maintained really well.

If the bike chain is not maintained properly there can be a blockage in vehicle’s functioning. This article talks about the ways and methods through which you can take proper care of the bike’s drive chain so that the vehicle performs well with no hindrances.

  • Lubrication: A drive chain needs frequent lubrication thus it is important to oil it as soon as the bike covers a distance of 700 KM. while lubricating the drive chain, some of the pointers recommended by drive chains suppliers in India must be factored in:

    • Always select acompany-certified lubricant. Keep your hands off the fancy lubricants since these carry foreign particles which might do more harm than good to the chain.
    • You can also use kerosene spray on the chain and rotate the chain to ensure that all sides and parts are covered with lubricant.
  • Cleaning: This is an important tip yet again. You must pay close attention to cleaning the chain when the bike hits 5000 km or more.Make sure to get it cleaned thoroughly so that the chain remains free from dust and sand buildups. While cleaning the chain make sure to avoid harsh detergents and chemicals. Doing so may expose the chain metal to react with elements that might lead to its permanent damage. In place of this, make use of kerosene and water to clean the chain thoroughly. Clean the chain using old toothbrush and avoid cleaning the chain when the engine is running.
  • Proper adjustment: Next important factor to consider is that the drive chain should never be too lose or too tight. If it is not well adjusted, the bike won’t run properly. So, it is important for you to refer to the user manual to know the exact degree of adjustment and ensure that the level of elasticity is uptight. A drive chain if has started to sag from some points or completely must be replaced.
  • Keep a look out for wear and tear: It is pretty normal to have minor wear and tear in the drive chain like other bike parts. But you must inspect and identify the extent of wear and tear and take an action accordingly. In case the wear and tear is excessive, the bike will make a lot of noise. Also, the chain teeth will either break off or will be misaligned. Driving a vehicle with a worn-out drive chain usually loses its tension since its alignment gets disturbed.
  • Know when to replace: Last but not the least, drive chains must be replaced as and when required, no matter how frequent it sounds. Do not struggle to place the chain back, if it begins to sag, it is a clear hint that it is time to contact drive chains suppliers in India and request a replacement.

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