Get the best of Sweet Cookies and Salty Namkeens at Rawat Mart

Do you prefer sweet or sour? Every person has their distinct taste buds. Some prefer sweet and others salty. Here, the Rawat Mart timely realized the fact that different people have different tastes. Therefore, on our palette, we introduced sweet cookies for sweet lovers and namkeens for salt lovers.

As one of the most popular food brands in Northern India, Rawat Mart started their business originally with the production of bread and buns. But now, we have expanded to become the leading manufacturer of rusks, cookies, namkeens, layered cakes as well as cupcakes. In this article, we will talk about the sweet and salty aspects of our esteemed cookies and namkeens.

Sweet Cookies at Rawat Mart

Cookies or Biscuits in India have their origins in Persia in the 7th century AD. As a popular food today in Indian Markets, India has the third-largest manufacturer of cookies, third to the US and China. Our baked food is small, flat, and sweet, and is made up of flour, sugar, and oil. You can perfectly partner for a tea-time. Cookies at Rawat Mart are equally loved by children, young as well as elderlies.

Rawat Mart’ cookies are the premium products of our bakery. We manufacture cookies in different flavours, and uphold the premium quality gold standards while baking cookies. We produce Cookies with so many flavours, and also give customers a better option by offering different packaging sizes. The packaging size is also important when it comes to choosing a cookie. You can have a range of options from our sweet Cookies.

Salty Namkeens at Rawat Mart

After the sweet cookies, comes the turn of the lip-smacking savory Namkeens flavored with spices popular in India. Earlier, there were only a few types of namkeens available in the market. This changed in the 1990s as various brands flooded the market with innovative namkeens options, as India is one of the biggest markets for Indian as well as Western savory snacks.

We present a range of Namkeens for our customers. Our namkeens offer salty, tangy, and mixed flavors because they are made up of premium quality ingredients. The range of popular namkeens offered at Rawat Mart can be partially summed up in the following pointer:

  • Bhavnagar Mari Masala Gathiya
  • Ratlam Lehsuni Sev
  • Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips
  • Indore Ujjaini Sev
  • Bhavnagar Nadiyadi Chevado
  • Spicy Indian Namkeen Combo
  • Coimbatore Tapioca Sticks
  • Rajkot Roasted Jumbo Peanuts
  • Jamshedpur Premium Mix Mixture

With so many flavorful Namkeens, you can have a distinct flavor for each of your taste buds, which satisfies your cravings for Namkeens. 

What to choose at Rawat Mart, Cookies, or Namkeens?

If both are the best, why not choose both? Whether it is Cookies or Namkeens, both are equally amazing products from the Rawat Mart bakery. We consider both sweet and salty products as perfect tea-time partners. They can be partners for traveling or for quick snacking.

At Rawat Mart, you can find Cookies as well as Namkeens in different flavors and packaging. Such an arrangement offers you multiple options. In the end, it all comes down to your preference, either sweet or salty. You can go for any of the variants or try both. We suggest you go for both and satisfy your gustatory cravings.

As a reputed bakery, leading the manufacturing of Cookies and Namkeens in India, Rawat Mart offers several additions that make them the best bakery items distributors, such as the following:

  • Food Items packed in air-tight packets to increase their shelf lives
  • Rawat Mart produces quality products from quality ingredients
  • Preferential to the general populace, our products are 100% vegetarian
  • Has a state-of-the-art infrastructure to support the production of hygienic products

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