Ever heard of Healthy Munching? Rawat Mart brings the top Healthy Snacks for you

Snacking is the in-betweens of the three major cardinal meals. If you are hungry and bored, then we resort to snacking. But it is critical to check how frequently you snack out of boredom rather than hunger. Such an ingestion to escape from boredom must be removed. Snacks although light on the stomach, contain a large amount of Trans fats and triglycerides, which are detrimental to health. We must avoid such munching items, and ensure to choose healthy and nutritious replacement for snacks.

To get the best and healthiest quality of snacks, you can visit the Rawat Mart. We are the proud manufacturer of various bakery items, such as bread, buns, rusks, cakes, chips, cookies, and namkeens. We offer numerous options for healthy snacks for you to munch on when bored.

Popular Healthy Snacks for Munching at Rawat Mart

Nut Cookies

Mir4chi Bites has the best selection of regional cookies from all over India. All cookies are eggless vegetarian and of premium quality. So, place your order now as the best regional Indian cookies, like Osmania Biscuits, and Surat Nankhatai, are a click away now. These biscuits are made from the home available healthy ingredients with very little preservatives.

Healthy Sweets

For a lazy evening, you can treat your taste buds with irresistibly delicious and quality Indian Sweets from all regions of the country at Rawat Mart. You can choose from any of your regional favorites such as the following:

  • Agra Petha
  • Gaya Tilkut
  • Meerut Gajak
  • Rewdi

All sweets available on Rawat Mart are homemade using healthy ingredients, such as ghee, jaggery, besan, etc., as per the traditional recipes.

Homemade Chutneys

Sometimes, in the evening, the food also gets mundane. Maybe you have the option for a snack but the snack itself is not thrilling enough. As a desi, we all need saunth chutney or dahi-pudhina baafdia to complement our pakodas and matharis. To get authentic chutneys with insightful flavors, you can buy any of the following homemade chutneys from the Rawat Mart:

  • Spicy Indian Regional Chutneys
  • Unique Indian Chutneys
  • Spicy Andhra Chutney Podi
  • Andhra Idli Chutney Podi
  • Solapur Shenga Chutney

Order the best Indian Chutneys online at the lowest price on Rawat Mart and get favorable discounts from multiple purchases.

Nutritious Beverages

Tea & Kahwa

With MirchiBites, you can have an exclusive range of regional favorite beverages across the country. You can choose from some of the world-famed healthy drinks from India:

  • Darjeeling Tea
  • Assam Tea
  • Kashmiri Kahwa


For a coffee drinker, Rawat Mart has the best hand-roasted coffee powders, which we have carefully selected keeping in mind the grade, aroma, and taste of the coffee. We have also sourced some of our regional favorite coffees like Coorg Coffee, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee, and more.


From North India, we have folk-favorite Kanji in ready-to-drink packages. With such packages, you can enjoy any of the following Kanjis year-round without getting nostalgic:

  • Carrot Kanji
  • Beetroot Kanji

Festive Packs

At Rawat Mart, you can indulge in our Special Festive Packs as they are flavors of the season. Bringing from the spice-rich taste of Andhra Pradesh as well as the delights of our traditional Lohri as well as the authentic flavors of Telangana, we have curated special packs to bring you an extraordinary snacking experience. For the festivity season, we bring you these unique combinations of regional healthy specialties.

Why choose Rawat Mart as your go-to online Snack Retailer?

Rawat Mart offers the best bakery products, such as nutritional breads, buns, cakes, cookies, and snacks. We began producing the desi snacks to bring joy to millions of people. Everyone can afford Rawat Mart as we sell low-cost but high-value products. Our low-calorie snacks are packed in airtight pouches of various sizes ideal to munch on when bored. So hope on and add to your cart these delicious snacks to satisfy your cravings.

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