Searching For The Most Used Hand Tool, Then Buy A Hammer Online in India

Hammer is a very useful hand tool for professionals like carpenters, plumbers, masons, AC installation technicians, and many others. Hammer contains two parts. The upper part consists of a weighted head and it is fixed with a long handle. Hence, the upper part is always made up of metal (generally heat-treated steel). On the other hand, wood, fiberglass, or metal is used for making the handle of the hammer. You may consider buy hammer online India for different types of hammers.

Application of hammer as a hand tool

Hammer has a wide range of applications.  It can be used for household work, carpentry work, construction work, and so on. Following are some utilities of a hammer:

  • To shape and forge the metals.
  • For crushing rock or any type of solid substance.
  • Fitting wooden parts
  • Apart from that hammer is also used for driving nails or screws, crafting, welding, riveting, breaking, and so on.

Different types of hammers and their uses

There are multiple types of hammers in the markets. The type of hammer depends on the size and its application. Therefore, you may buy hammer online India online from a reputed hand tool manufacturer like Eastman to get the right type of hammer as per your requirements.

  • Claw hammer: This type of hammer is the best suited for prying, splitting, driving, crushing dry walls, etc.
  • Sledge Hammer: The application of this type of hammer is- crushing stones, driving, and demolition. It is useful for home as well as professional uses.
  • Ball Pein Hammer: The applications of a ball pein hammer are – rounding off the edges of pins, making gaskets, striking punches, and chisels, etc.
  • Cross Pein Hammer:  This type of hammer is good for driving nails. The Cross pein hammer is also popular as the Warrington Pattern hammer.  
  • Plastic Hammer: The size of a plastic hammer lies between 25MM to 50MM. A plastic hammer is used for doing delicate work. For example, shaping precious metals, etc. Non-porous ultra-high molecular material is used for making the head of a plastic hammer.
  • Sledge Hammer with Fiberglass: Fiberglass handle is fixed with the head of the upper part of the sledgehammer. A fiberglass handle is better shock absorbent and more durable than a typical wood handle.

Information about the application of the different types of hammers will help you to make your work perfect. If you are planning to buy hammer online India, you may consider products of Eastman. The company is popular among the customers across the globe for selling different types of hammers of premium qualities and international standards at a reasonable price.

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