Raw Human Hair Extensions Look Natural and You Can Flaunt Different Hairstyles

Raw hair extensions look similar to real hair and they are commonly collected from only one donor. If you observe you will find the outer part of the cuticles of these hair extensions continue to be real. Hence, the hair strands run in only one direction. This is the reason, hair remains tangle-free and frizz-free. Again, there aren’t any split ends too. The cuticles of these hair extensions remain aligned naturally for preventing tangling and matting. All the bundles of raw hair seem unique as they are collected from authentic donors who have various hair patterns. Therefore, no raw human hair extensions tend to be the same but they are completely organic and authentic.

The good news is that these hair extensions are now available online. Authentic sellers offer raw hair extensions collected from the Philippines, Burma, Vietnam, China, and several South Asian countries.

Unbound benefits

Women in the UK frequently use human hair extensions. Raw human hair extensions are found with many benefits:

  • The texture of these hair extensions is the best because they look coarser in comparison to virgin hair.
  • Commonly, the raw hair extensions are double-drawn. Hence, shorter hair can be removed by hand instead of a machine. It makes hair look thick and full.
  • People can color raw extension hair though they ought to be careful to use only superior-quality coloring components.
  • You can bleach raw hair as it hasn’t been treated chemically. The raw hair doesn’t get matted or burned and it is one of the reasons women opt for these hair extensions.
  • Raw hair extensions last for a long time compared to other kinds of hair when users take ideal care of them.

What makes a raw human hair extension different from a virgin hair extension?

Both virgin and raw hair extensions are acknowledged as human hair extensions. Virgin hair has been processed and steamed; hence, it gets a loose wave texture or a deep wave. On the other hand, raw hair is natural and pure and it hasn’t been changed. Raw hair isn’t steamed processed and it isn’t altered too. So, it behaves similarly to human hair. Hence, a user needs to give more attention and care to raw hair extensions. A few remarkable differences between virgin hair extensions and raw hair extensions are:

  • A raw hair extension needs various maintenance as well as lots of moisturizing and conditioning. Every user is suggested to utilize only high-quality hair care products on raw human hair extensions. However, this is not the story with virgin hair extensions as people can use any hair care product on these extensions.
  • At times, the supply of raw hair extensions becomes limited but virgin hair extensions do not feel this shortage.
  • Raw hair extensions are of superior quality which is why they tend to be expensive. Commonly, these extensions last for a long time in comparison to virgin hair extensions.
  • You will find virgin hair in different textures and origins but you will get raw hair extensions in three origins, namely Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Indian. They are found in three textures, such as natural wave, curly, and straight.

You can contact Elleloise Hair for the best quality Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Burmese raw human hair. The products are available online and you can place your order online to get them delivered to your doorstep.

To sum it up

Raw human hair extensions last for a long time when users take good care of them. These extensions do not cause any damage to a person’s natural hair and they have their natural shine. Hence, people are not needed to use any hair product.

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