IRCTC Agent Registration: What is It and How Can You Make It a Profitable Business?

If you are a regular passenger of the Indian Railway, then you might know IRCTC. IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. This is a big public sector undertaking in India responsible for catering and ticketing services for Indian Railways. Through IRCTC agent registration you can be a part of this widely popular and very active public sector company. You can start a business by promoting their services.

What is the Role of IRCTC in India?

IRCTC has various activities. You might have seen railway ticket booking counters run by many people in different parts of your locality. You may have bought tickets for the railway from some of those counters. Have you noticed the restaurants with the IRCTC logo in the railway stations? Those are also run by IRCTC. Moreover, the food served on the rail while the passengers travel long distances are always linked directly or indirectly with IRCTC. Now, the good news is you can start railway e-ticketing and several other services offered by IRCTC simply by IRCTC agent registration. The principal agents of IRCTC such as SiOnline offer easy agent registration processing online and let you become an authorized agent of IRCTC within a few days.

Apply Online to Become an IRCTC Agent

IRCTC has authorized a few principal agents in different parts of India. Some of these principal agents such as SiOnline can approve retail agency to anyone in any part of India.

  • Visit the official website of the principal agent and fill up the contact us form where you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself.
  • Fill up the agent login registration form as will be provided online.
  • Signup with the principal agent and transfer the token money needed for registration.
  • The agent KYC form will also be provided as you will transfer the token money which should also be filled up accordingly.
  • Then you will be asked for DSC dongle verification.
  • You will be asked to pay the remaining amount for registration online.
  • The dongle and agency certification will be dispatched to your address online.

The entire process will take 2-3 days. You can contact the customer service of the principal agent during registration for any kind of technical or non-technical support.

Start Your Business With the IRCTC Agency

If you have any business with a small or large outlet, you can easily start selling railway tickets after IRCTC agent registration. Again, if you want to start this business online like hundreds of other IRCTC agents, you can consider it also. All you need is space, a computer system with a printer, an internet connection, and a telephone connection. This is a one-time investment that would benefit many years.

  • You can book unlimited railway tickets for any railway passenger without any higher or lower capping.
  • You can book tickets for any class such as chair car, AC first class, AC second class, sleeper class, etc.
  • You can also cancel any number of tickets of the passengers with relevant e-tickets.

For every ticket PNR for e-ticketing or e-ticketing cancellation, you will earn a commission. There are several other advantages of having an IRCTC agency. Many agents have been earning handsome amounts every month. You can become a part of this great e-ticketing system. Keep in mind that Indian Railways is the biggest railway network in the world. There would be no dearth of income when people in your area will know about this service.


For any kind of issues, you can contact the principal agent like SiOnline. They would clear your doubts or technical issues immediately. Through IRCTC agent registration, you can earn your livelihood and help people in your area.

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