Literature Review Example: Expert Assistance Makes A Difference

In most academic research, the literature review is a vital part. The literature review is academic content that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject that is a part of your research or on which you are focused to find something new. Some research works in almost all domains such as management, English literature, physical sciences, social sciences, medicines, and management. A literature review example helps to make your research work more comprehensive by acknowledging the research works already accomplished in the domain and their outcomes.

How to write a literature review?

Follow our five important steps to writing a literature review:

Search for a relevant literature

Before you search for relevant literature you need complete clarity about the subject or topic you are going to discuss. The literature review section of a research paper generally includes an elaborate discussion of the research question when the maximum number of research papers in this domain is accomplished. This is the most vital part of a literature review example. You need the right resources to get the right kinds of work in the same field or related fields. In case, you find it tough to access the relevant resources, you may seek the expert assistance of expert literature reviewers of All Assignment Support.

Evaluate and select the most relevant sources

As you find the sources for your literature review, you need to evaluate them based on your current research question. You may find hundreds of research papers, articles, etc. on the subject. But it wouldn’t be possible to include all of them in your paper. First of all, reading them is a time-consuming task and then, analyzing them will take up more space and words in your paper. You have to be elaborate yet precise. That means you have to select the most relevant sources for your literature review example. Here again, the job may be a bit tricky sometimes. You may take expert assistance from All Assignment Support for this purpose.

Identify the actual outcomes and research gaps

The purpose of the literature review is to find what works have been done on the same subject so far and what are their conclusions. The other vital purpose of the literature review is to find the gaps in those research findings where you want to focus more on your work. Literature review example also helps to support your views in some situations. Again, in some other situations, you may need secondary data from the literature review. These various aspects are part and parcel of your research work. You have to accomplish it with sheer interest and focus. However, you can ask for the professional help from the best literature reviewers or research paper analyzers in your domain for help. All Assignment Support can provide the necessary professional support in this domain.

Structure of literature review

You cannot write a literature review in any manner. There are certain formats and you have to follow one of them. Your mentor may provide the relevant guidelines in this matter; otherwise, you have to read some good quality research works in your domain to find what makes the best literature review. Keep in mind that the literature review example needs to be systematic and as per your paper’s requirements. here again, you can find top-rated professional literature reviewers with All Assignment Support.

Write the literature review

Like other parts of the paper, your literature review needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. You may need to mention the authors as per the citation rules and regulations. The literature review is an important part of a research paper. 

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