What is Raw Cambodian Natural Wave and Why Should You Use It

Like Vietnamese hair is famous for softness, raw cambodian natural wave hair is famous for smoothness and three textures. Many women prefer using this as the texture of this blends properly with all hair types. It does not tangle also but is gorgeous naturally. The natural wave hair weighs very lightly. It is coarse and can hold up excellently to styling. This type of hair can tolerate more heat than other hair types.

If you want to know how you can take care of raw Cambodian natural wave hair, you need to use a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner/deep conditioner. Using these products, you can maintain the health of every hair bundle as well as longevity. No coatings of silicon can be found on the hair. That’s why you must keep this hydrated.

Reasons to use this texture

These are the reasons why you want to use the texture, which is as follows:

  • Raw Cambodian natural wave hair includes a slight wave & body wave pattern.
  • It can blend with natural or relaxed hair seamlessly.
  • It has 100% raw and unprocessed hair with cuticles.
  • This texture is entirely pure.
  • There is no synthetic fiber.
  • The root’s thickness allows you to tip with tapered ends naturally.
  • After a wash, it returns to a natural state.
  • Its custom wefts let you perform undetectable installations.
  • It is tangle free and needs proper care.
  • Besides, it is thicker and denser.
  • This texture is capable of holding a curl for many days.
  • Styling is simple for this texture.
  • You can color your hair. It is available in natural black and brown tones.

The name raw Cambodian natural wave itself mentions that it has a raw nature. Therefore, the color tone & wave pattern can vary from bundle to bundle. When you choose the best company, they can offer you top-quality hair. Ensure that the hair you are choosing is of good quality. Cuticles of raw natural wave hair are intact. That’s why women can see that every choice comes with a natural thick taper at the end. A Stringent quality assurance process is done for the hair extensions to check their qualities to ensure that it is perfect & can last for a long period with proper care & maintenance.

Purchase natural hair waves and extensions

Elleloisehair is a renowned brand where you can get 100% RAW Cambodian natural wave Hair. This kind of hair is slightly coarse in texture. The source of this hair is the Northeastern part of Cambodia. This kind of hair is smooth, soft, and manageable. The natural brown shade from medium to dark is the available color option. Remember that hair textures vary by shade. Women can straighten or curl their hair as they need. If you handle it with proper care, this hair can last for up to 3-5 years or more. As a suggestion or advice, you should remember that this kind of hair will revert to its original state when it will be wet.

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