Why VAPT is Required for Your Organization?

With the ever-changing technologies that are prone to cyber-attacks, the demand for VAPT has been rapidly increasing. VAPT is the acronym for “Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing”. This procedure of assessment is conducted by an expert in Cyber security. The companies that deal with sensitive data, store confidential data, and have the infrastructure of the network do not feel the importance of checking the vulnerability of their system and are highly prone to cyber-attacks. So, it is essential and extremely important to identify as well as measure the vulnerabilities in their Network devices, Web apps, IoT devices, and Android Apps as well.

Even in some cases, it also happens that there is a dedicated Cybersecurity team or experts for measuring and maintaining the cybersecurity of the company. So, if you are worried about the security of the entire cyber system of your concern then contacting the reliable providers of VAPT services in India should be your choice for getting a safer environment for your company.

What is VAPT?

VAPT is the acronym for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. In this entire process, an expert identifies and measures the vulnerabilities present in said environment. In other words, it can also be described as a methodology that is capable of determining the vulnerability of an asset or the fear of data being lost, damaged, stolen, or ruined. The tools of VAPT can identify the vulnerabilities of a system and take necessary steps for mitigating risks that can give rise to such risks in the future.

Whereas, the tools of PA are utilized for testing the vulnerabilities which are discovered by the scanner. It is used for measuring the degree of vulnerabilities in your system along with confirming the presence of vulnerabilities. So, the VAPT methodology is used by different organizations for executing tests on their IT networks and applications for ensuring safety.

The importance of VAPT

Following are the major reasons why VAPT methodology must be conducted and why it is a must to hire quality VAPT services in India:

  • For identifying the possible Cyber Attacks and source of such attacks.
  • For identifying the extent of damage these kinds of cyber-attacks can cause.
  • For identifying the specific factors that are responsible for Cyber Crime.
  • For avoiding the risk of hacking sensitive information.
  • Protecting the entire network of the organization and providing security thus indirectly helps to increase investment in your company and maximizes the profit level.
  • It is extremely useful for recognizing higher-risk vulnerabilities.
  • It can identify the weaknesses of the security.
  • It is also used for testing compliance with the security policy of any company.
  • Since cyber-attacks and crimes cause harm to customer loyalties, give rise to financial loss, and negative impact on the organization, it is a must to hire ethical hackers or cybercrime experts to take necessary action for ensuring the safety of the organization.

If you are searching for top providers of VAPT services in India then none other than GS2 Cyber Security can provide you with the right security solutions needed for your concern. For more details, do visit their official website.

Different VAPT Services

VAPT has diverse categories such as web application VAPT, Network VAPT, Cloud Infra VAPT, REST API VAPT, Android Application VAPT, Web Server VAPT, IOS Application VAPT, etc. GS2 determines the VAPT as per your applications. For example, if you have a website as well as an Android-based application, you need VAPT services specifically for both of these applications. Since a website and android application run on different servers and have different security parameters, VAPT needs to be different.

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